Suspect Tashfeen Malik Attended Radical Islamic Seminary in Pakistan — #SanBernardino

Here’s the breaking story at the Los Angeles Times, by way of Memeorandum, “San Bernardino shooting updates: Tashfeen Malik attended high-school in Pakistan; President Obama to court the nation.”

And click though, at LAT, “San Bernardino assaulter attended Islamic institute in Pakistan”:

Two students who attended corporation with San Bernardino assailant Tashfeen Malik confirmed that for the period of her time at Bahauddin Zakariya University in Multan, Pakistan, she began attending Al Huda, a bond of modern institutes of Islamic education which mainly focuses on women through the stated objective of “bringing them back to their devotional roots.”

“She used to spree to attend sessions in Al Huda nearly every day,” said a peer student, who asked not to exist identified. “She was not overmuch close to any class fellow.”

The match student said that Malik did not part her thoughts on religious issues through fellow classmates in the department of pharmacology, in what place she studied.

“We all are in specify of shock,” the fellow student uttered.

Experts said that the majority of women who be ~ant Al Huda institutes, located in broad cities, wear the hijab. They are usually well-heeled. These institutes appliance the group-isolating Islamic preaching session (called ‘dars’) activity to reinvent material identity through ‘discovery’ of Islam.

Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa, a Pakistani stake analyst, said Al Huda institutes point out to women “fundamentalist” ideas, though they transact not necessarily promote a jihadist agenda. “I speak aloud Al-Huda the fourth generation of godly seminaries. It does not promote exercise of violence but takes you closer to the red streak. Now, it is a personal conclusion to cross the red line and take or bestow one’s life.”

She uttered that the impact of such institutes is widespread, for the cause that a child going to a institute has an impact on the thinking of other members of her household. “People would be familiar through , for instance, a daughter going to ~y Al Huda changing the mother and eventually the whole household. This dynamic is mirrored in greater quantity traditional seminaries as well.”

Sadaf Ahmad, one assistant professor at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, has written in a part about Al Huda institutes that Farhat Hashmi’s (establisher of Al Huda) denunciation of diverse cultural practices and disapproval of Westerners and Indians helps women redefine their own identity as Muslims.  The maker found Al Huda graduates to exist “very intolerant and judgmental about people who were different from them.”

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