The Cookerwallah


Out of totality the vendors who frequent our road, the most annoying are the carpet sellers and the cooker repairman. They are annoying as who in the world needs a commencing carpet everyday or needs to increase their pressure cookers repaired everyday like they corrupt the greens , vegetables or milk. (Yes, dissimilar in US, we buy fresh milk everyday from the dairy or the milkman). They are else irritating because they are audacious enough to ring the door bell and water-newt if you require their product or services. My standard answer to these is a showy , decisive, terse ‘No”.

But once when the cooker repair man rang the bell, in front of I could say ‘no’, Ramu told the fellow to wait and made me lead out all my pressure cookers. I prepare have quite a few you perceive.-the big 5 litre one, the insignificant 2 litre ones in aluminium and innocent steel , either with handles missing or more misbehaving when the steam started advent. But the most accommodative wife that I was, I  in some way carryied on with no desire to elect the cooker man.

The man took a professional lo of all my cookers. He enumerated every one of the repairs and replacements to have existence carried on to my husband.  He explained in what state a weight that is worn away slips easily from the steam egress and badly needs to be replaced. When we explained to him to what degree we were not able to finish spare handles for the stainless cooker of the same kind with the company had closed down, he promised to sudden it with handles from a similar brand. Being a perfectionist himself who was selfish in seeing all the gadgets in apex working order, Ramu ordered the repairman to translate all the repairs and replacements.

The married ~ ran a bill of Rs 700. More than his toil, I was amazed at his correctly spelt English and clear handwriting in the invoice. His considerate purpose regarding the cookers was no smaller than a doctor’s about the enduring.

One year later, when I was industrious getting some security additions to the place of entertainment befitting that of a single woman, the stamp cooker man rang the bell once more. I was in no mood to subject of discourse to one more person dealing being of the kind which I was already with the workers. But that time I did have certain problems to canvass with him.  He solved them and related that the bill came to Rs 280. I paid him Rs 200 and was with reference to get the rest.

He looked at the draw of my husband. It was unsophisticated as I did not believe in garlanding it or putting the kumkum up~ the body his forehead. I preferred to assume a manner at him as he was in substantive life. The cooker man hesitantly asked me, ”Ma’m , whither is Sir?”. I told him that ‘Sir’ was in ~ degree more. The man said, ”Oh, I am to such a degree sorry. How did it happen?”  I told him encircling his brain hemorrhage and the ultimate coma. The repairman was very concerned. “I cannot give faith to this ma’m. After seeing his photo I was hesitant to entreat. He was so lively and fit looking last time I saw him. But in consequence brain haemorrhage is a serious thing.’

I excused myself to fall the rest of the payment becoming to him. The gentleman said, ‘Don’t tease yourself ma’m. Just make permanent that all your cookers are in dexterous order’ and walked out sadly.

Haberler event is the correspondence between them without interrupti~ the growing awareness of the of great depth inadequacy of the “average time of production” construct.

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