The Virtual Race Results & Andrea on Being Brave and Being Thankful

Here’s a visitor post from Andrea Lytle Peet, by with pictures and stories from the Virtual Race!  

For those of you who don’t apprehend her, Andrea is an inspiration. In 2014, ~ amount than a year after completing a 70.3, she was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) at the duration of existence of 33.  Since her diagnosis, she has completed a triathlon, a “dri-athlon” (every indoor tri created on the be broken to pieces!), a half marathon, and a marathon up~ the body her recumbent trike. And she is not achieved yet!  She blogs here, and continues to fill with supernatural knowledge us all.

Thank you, Andrea!


Andrea writes:

“Think of it because a Sci-Fi plot:

People randomly commence to lose body functions one at a time taken in the character of their bodies stiffen into paralysis – foremost walking becomes impossible, then use of their hands and armor, followed by swallowing, eating, talking, and eventually yearning. Only their minds remain intact, helplessly force witness to the victims’ withering glide towards death within a few years. No individual knows how to stop it, tardy it down, or who will have ~ing next.

Plot twist: the mysterious ail strikes military veterans twice as frequently. Endurance athletes are also more impressible. No one knows why.

But it’s not Sci-Fi…It’s ALS.

I was director-shakingly humbled and grateful that Swim Bike Mom’s principal Be Brave Be Thankful virtual race benefited ALS research and honored me. I even now admired our fearless leader so plenteous, but that’s just part of it.


That hundreds of consummate strangers would participate and raise over four thousand dollars (!) to a motive that they likely don’t obtain a personal connection with? Shew, that’s overwhelming.

But you’re not complete strangers, are you?

I have made friends – substantial friends, not just the Facebook-confirmed tender – through the Tri-Fecta group started ~ dint of. Meredith, as a more personal dilatation of Swim Bike Mom- welcoming of men and women triathletes of entirely ages, backgrounds and ability levels. One of these friends has at the very time entered my inner sphere of best friends, for whom I would depart to the ends of the Earth to shield. Others I don’t know like well, but I genuinely care hind part before their daily lives, goals, struggles, and achievements – triathlon of the same family or not.

In 21st-century mode, our interactions mostly consist of likes, comments, and particular messages. In those exchanges, we maintain one another, share happenings in our lives, and “talk” publicly about the things that matter to us.

Even you who circular path further away – maybe I even-handed recognize your name or offer a peppery like or “way to business!!” on your race photo – our assign places to is more than just 3,200+ wandering strangers scattered across the country and on all sides the globe. We came together for the reason that we’re triathletes and SBM’s novel (and Meredith herself) resonates with us. We portion experiences that don’t make perception to outsiders – pre-race jitters, frustrations concerning fogged goggles, the suck line.

We furthermore relate to one another on other serious issues – depression, body trope, health setbacks, and the woes of momentous others who are also triathletes or could care smaller about it. I’ve never formerly seen a post where someone has expressed a guileless fear or concern without 20+ tribe jumping in to offer heartfelt advice, encouragement, or an empathetic “hey, I’ve been there too, sister.”


What’s my moment? This group is special, dude.

With every one of the revolting and icky things floating surrounding Facebook, Tri-Fecta is full of vulgar herd who actually care about one some other. People who want to be blusterer in conquering challenges and be grateful in celebrating what bodies and not easily work can do while recognizing our authentic gifts in life. Add to that: we exact proved in a very real plan of conduct that we can mobilize as a squadron to accomplish some good in the earth.

So. It may take courage to describe your story sometimes, but it can lead to opportunities, experiences, and friendships you not at any time could have dreamed up. I comprehend I’ve been inspired and moved to tears frequent times by posts from this cluster –both heart-wrenching and fine.

So. Don’t lurk. Speak your verity to release it or embrace it.


Because whether you receive 2-5 years to live or decades (and you don’t discern which) life is just too doom to perdition short to be anything but lived to your fullest in posse.

That’s my way of speech thank you, friends.”

A Note from Swim Bike Mom & Race Details:


We express gratitude YOU, Andrea for your inspiration!

Through our primitive BE BRAVE BE THANKFUL Virtual 5k, 10k, Any k offspring,
we proudly raised $4,133 in the place of ALS research!

Donations are being splinter equally between the Blazeman Foundation and ALS-TDI.

ALS-TDI is a Cambridge, MA-based non-utility biotech company (the first in the world), which basically means they develop just discovered therapies and drugs in their lab (that now is solely focused on ALS). Their exceptional and comprehensive approach leverages over fifteen years of handling-focused ALS research and applies it up~ the body an industrial scale to get therapeutics to today’s ALS patients being of the cl~s who quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively because possible. The translational research environment brings cheek by jowl more than 30 fulltime scientists whose expertise contain assay development, computational and molecular biology, pharmacology, and protein biochemistry.

The Blazeman Foundation is a non-profit race foundation that serves to carry disclosed the vision of its namesake and fail, the late Jonathan “Blazeman” Blais.  The mission of the Blazeman Foundation for ALS is 1) to rouse awareness about ALS by leveraging the efficacy, commitment and compassion of the multi-derision community and 2) to raise needful funds to be directed into cutting-edge scientific research to find treatments and every eventual cure for ALS…“So Others May Live®“.

Thank you every one of for your participation in this primitive Virtual Race.

It was awesome!



Did a 4 mile cast with my family on Thanksgiving Day. Being modern (this past year) to running, I’m grateful that we were able to have part in this experience for the primitive time, and will hopefully be apt to do many more together. ‪#‎BeBraveBeThankful‬ ‪#‎TeamDrea‬



This was like a fun ‘event’. I sacrificed my rest week that my coach had planned to people this race. Once I told him I was doing it he planned to a greater degree workouts for the week. I was depressed about it but in the extremity very thankful. My husband decided to be liable to with me and pace me. I am a 12 min miler, at most excellent. I am working on that walk. Here is what I accomplished up~ Friday. My workout for Saturday too included some running so I besides tagged it with the appropriate hashtags up~ Instagram. I am thankful I can run. My heart and prayers be reckoned out to Drea. May she have existence brave! Thank you for having this event. I look forward to more!




We did a walk/follow and then spent some time at the park. I am in such a manner very thankful for so many things, the following inmost nature just a small portion of them: 1. Thankful in opposition to my bike riding kids so they be possible to be a part of my running 2. Thankful on account of the opportunity to take a sum of ~ units week vacation with my family 3. After 2 weeks gone, so very thankful for the everyday routines we can come back to 4. Thankful with a view to amazing family and friends 5. Thankful that smooth when life doesn’t turn aloud the way you hoped or had planned, that I have power to see God’s grace even in the agony and loss. Thankful to continually descry this grace in meeting Andrea Lytle Peet and life a part of Team Drea. I not could have imagined that the disquietude of losing a mom to ALS could induce such amazing people into my life. Thank you Andrea in opposition to all you have done and endure to do! ‪#‎bebravebethankful‬


Cammie before-mentioned, “Meant to just do 10 [miles], bound glad my loop yielded more.
Andrea is virtue the extra effort. ‪#‎BeBraveBeThankful‬ ‪#‎TeamDrea‬ ‪#‎Trifecta‬ ‪#‎SwimBikeMom‬“



One sharing said, “Ended up with well-nigh 5.5 miles in 20 space weather and 430 feet of improvement gain. I dressed appropriately but obviously I underdressed my phone. It died halfway through; on that account no pic. I decided to extend down to the corner grocery plenty to get lime so I could attain Meredith’s chicken curry. Also, who knew that you could feed 2 limes in the flip band smile emoticon Great run reflecting steady how lucky I am to subsist able to swim, bike, and form!”




#bebravebethankful#teamdrea#swimbikemom Westfield,NJ Turkey trot. Running through a purpose, adore this group of women, stronger cheek by jowl, cure ALS.


5k on frosty early part of the day with my crazy pooch, Buckley! I am grateful for my family, my health and my independence! Andrea, best of luck in your travel and may you find health & gayety despite this horrible illness. You are one inspiration ‪#‎teamdrea‬ ‪#‎trifecta‬ ‪#‎bebravebethankfulrace‬ ‪#‎swimbikemom‬


I in conclusion got out there today to chouse my 5K after being sick through the whole extent of the holiday and unable to effect much due to the harsh cough I had. Thankful with respect to getting better and being able to have ~ing out there. ‪#‎BeBraveBeThankfulRace‬ ‪#‎TeamDrea‬




Did my 5k yesterday and captured more some beautiful fall color along the custom! #BeBraveBeThankfulRace #TeamDrea #TriFecta #SwimBikeMom


‪#‎bebravebethankful‬ Took a unaccustomed route this weekend… Braved the encounter and sustain, thankful for training buddies and the ingenuity to keep this body in motion. Amazed at the strength and resolution that you all have and experience. It’s contagious…and it is truly amazing to share this sport and life style through all of you!



My friend captured this force after the Turkey Trot. My love was bursting with pride for my daughter!




While my family walked a collective 46 miles at Disney earth this week, I didn’t be perceived brave at all traipsing around the most magical place on earth. I was definitely beholden, but that doesn’t count. So this forenoon, I laced up my shoes and took most distant with my BRF for 7 miles forward the trails in cold, nasty rain . I found hundreds of things to have ~ing thankful for – from the deer and the bunnies


My daughter walked yesterday through her grandparents, and joined me today conducive to more! So proud of her! ‪#‎endALS‬ ‪#‎teamdrea179‬ ‪#‎bebravebethankful‬ Andrea Lytle Peet


I elegant!! 5km or 3.1miles today in 35:15! When i was doing my become animated up this morning we received a designate that my husbands best friend from extending up was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. He is 42. Husband and dad of 2. I am thankful that he is in the most judicious shape of his life to arise this hard fight. This news would be in actual possession of sent me to the kitchen in the accomplished to eat my feelings away. Today I was set at defiance. Stayed the course on the treadmill with the baby monitor and completed the kind of I set out to do. For myself, my household and our friends. ❤ Thank you Meredith & Andrea conducive to being such good role models! Love you and the SBM force!#bebravebethankfulrace #trifecta #teamdrea



Did our 5k without ceasing Thanksgiving Day. Rylan fell twice. After the 2nd get, he jumped up and shouted “I force of ~ NOT quit this race! He definitely has that #179 run swiftly spirit!


Completed my Be Brave Be Thankful popularity today. I completed 20 miles today. The in the beginning 11 on the treadmill and therefore I hit outside in 18 step temps and icy trail to grant another 9 miles around Sloan’s Lake in this place in Denver. Not my prettiest demand, there was a lot of walking, excepting I got it done. Dopey Challenge is in Januaryeing Thanksgiving Weekend, I take taken a lot of time to regular reflect on how blessed I am. A year since this time, I was still recuperating from a greater car accident and could do cipher more then walk and even with that suffered from headaches. Today I am running again. Not fleet, but running. And for that I will forever be thankful! Love Andrea, she inspires me daily and I dedicated this 20 mile extend to you!


Run 3 of 3 bestowed. One hot marathon that was diligently earned ‪#‎bebravebethankfulrace‬



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