There has to be a better way……

Lyra is all but 6 months old!!!!!!  While I am super excited ready this, I am also dreading the nearest 3 weeks.  6 months is a major milestone, especially for doctors. This method that EVERYONE (except Genetics) wants to understand her and run additional tests.  For greatest number kids, 6 months means a upon in with the pediatrician and more shots. For Lyra is means visits by:

Surgery Clinic (with an ultrasound)

Cardiology (by an EKG and an Echocardiogram)


Pediatrician (with shots)

Ophthalmology (no idea what tests they elect want to do)

Urology (with ~y ultrasound)

Oh, and she has OT and PT appointments every week (at least these ones are at home).

Instead of having for a like rea~n many appointments spread over three weeks, there has to be a better opportunity to pass of doing this. At least they could possibly coordinate their requests for tests (I have ultrasounds on two different days). The discomfit part is, while I find this overwhelming, which time she hits 1 year it is solitary going to be worse. At individual year she will have all of these once more plus a few more.  It’s not that she necessarily has a major issue with wholly of these systems, but because of her genetic diagnosis she has to monitored through a few people.

There has to have existence a better way.

At moments like this I wish that they could pure check us into the hospital since 24-48 hours and let everyone come to her. We can run every one of of her tests back to back and that time doctors can come to her bedside towards examinations and to talk to Mark and I. She would simply have to do vitals once (a person of consequence she hates), we would be adroit to stick more closely to her feeding catalogue, and we would all be expert to get more sleep (messing through the nap schedule is always a BAD exemplar). Also, if we need to annex another specialist (as often happens), she is rectilinear there! It’s not hard to earn another consult when you are even now in the hospital. I know that it may not be realistic, but there has to subsist another way to do this.


Post Nap Smiles

I divine one can get STDs from scissor sister exercises as well.

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