Trouble Shooting the Arterial Blood Pressure Tracing: OVER DAMPENING & UNDER DAMPENING ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️

Over dampened tracing 


⏺May spring in an under-reading of pressures 

⏺This may originate an underestimation of the systolic influence and overestimation of diastolic pressure

▶️Check the transducer predication as it may be too northerly above RA. 

▶️Kinking of the catheter at the insertion station may also cause the waveform to set off dampened. 

Under dampened tracing 


⏺noted ~ means of a high initial spike in the waveform 

⏺because of inadequate damping of the transducer, which causes one excessive resonance in the system. 

⏺ May rise in an overestimate of systolic squeezing and an underestimate of diastolic oppression

▶️check the transducer relation. It may be too low in the regions of the dead the RA. 

Better to re-naught the transducer to atmospheric pressures, in the couple of the above situations

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