University of Athens Honors Entrepreneur & Philanthropist George D. Behrakis

Behrakis_1During a particular ceremony at the University of Athens, Greek-American entrepreneur and philanthropist George D. Behrakis was named honorary savant by the School of Medicine.

Behrakis_2[L-R] Panayiotis Behrakis and George D. Behrakis during the ceremony at the University of Athens.The affair took place last Friday, the third twenty-four hours of the annual symposium against smoking that the Greek-American has founded in concert with his relative Panagiotis Behrakis, a remarkable pulmonologist in Greece. The annual anti-smoking parley, part of the 6-year stretch of the H.E.A.R.T. campaign that Behrakis started, was attended by Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, Greek Minister of Education Nikos Filis, and other dignitaries.

The University of Athens honored George Behrakis since of his achievements in Pharmacology being of the cl~s who well as his philanthropic endeavors that eighth of a fathom through science, culture, the arts, Hellenism and Orthodoxy. The continuous entrepreneur was able to invent repaired effective drugs such as Tylenol, and Volmex in opposition to asthma, among many others. After coy from the pharmaceutical business, Behrakis started a examination to give back to society in the US and Greece. Through The Behrakis Foundation, the Greek-American is directly changing people’s lives and plants Greek references whensoever he can.

Watch our profile parley with George D. Behrakis below:

HEART (Hellenic Action through Research Against Tobacco)
HEART is a program designed to further research towards the hazardous effects of smoking and besides creates awareness on these effects. The take part with leg of the program primarily targets schools in Greece and focuses adhering elementary school children to prepare them in the same state they never touch a cigarette. Harvard University in collaboration through Panayiotis Behrakis of the University of Athens, School of Medicine with the support of The Behrakis Foundation, have implemented the program aiming to modify the mentality of Greeks towards their preferred lethal habit, smoking.

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