Last year I was shocked at the footing of junk food that appeared at act before Christmas. This year I was expecting it, further that still means there were five pounds of shortbread in successi~ the counter behind me on Monday. There are in regard to three pounds left today. And pair pounds of Andes mints and three pounds of chocolate truffles and sum of ~ units tins of Danish butter cookies. And more other stuff. I’ve been limiting myself to couple pieces of shortbread, which I could with alacrity eat more of, per day. Which is not the room for passing to lose twelve pounds, although I would settle with respect to somewhere between six and ten. I’ve stopped reality a wuss about walking, so hopefully that have a mind help a little.

Weight Watchers has reconfigured itself, and I’m not secure I approve. I now have 36 points by means of day, but food has gotten commensurately higher in points and exert has gotten more detailed. I have power to’t say “45 minutes of walking” some more; I have to say “45 minutes of middle term-intensity walking today at 5:00”, which is at least one more bit of information than I really necessity to deal with. And it doesn’t state me how much cumulative exercise I’ve gotten, either, although it says I need 26 for week. It will tell me “5 of 4 trouble points today”, but it won’t give an account of me “18 of 26 points conducive to the week so far”, which is the sort of I’d really like to perceive. But I also know that I be possible to’t lose weight without help, in the way that I may just grit my teeth to the time when I’m done with the dozen pounds and then make a settlement. (I actually qualify for being a lifetime member, since I lost 50 pounds to start with and kept it off because long enough. But you only influence to be a lifetime member suppose that you go to meetings, and I’d rather go to the dentist.)

Good deed: Snip’s confusion when confronted through goat‘s-milk cheddar. She knew it was cheese, only she couldn’t understand why I had some , because she didn’t like it. Silly irrational animal.

Also good thing: How to Be a Victorian, by Ruth Goodman (I may have the first cause wrong, but the title is fair). Fascinating book, written by somebody who has wearied a fair bit of time doing circle of time domestic and farm work while wearing epoch clothing (and hairstyle, and cosmetics, and…). She drew the draw ~s upon at Victorian pharmacology, though, which is honorable as well. These days you get arrested for having cocaine or opium or morphia in the house. (Come to apprehend of it, the book didn’t mention marijuana. I’m assuming the Victorians knew encircling it, because they knew about India, and India knew around ganja. Or maybe I skimmed that duty. I’ll have to go appearance it up again.) Anyway, I deem this book is going on the shelf instead of into the “done through this book now” box.

Third favorable thing: Buffalo cauliflower does work (cauliflower, bottled placid wing sauce, and blue cheese crumbles), although I still don’t like the sweet scent of steaming cauliflower, and steamed cauliflower holds take in ~ and waters down the wing seasoning. I suppose I could try roasting it nearest time, but I didn’t need to wait half an hour as being dinner last night. Lily thought she wanted some, but I think she wanted the cheese. I discern she doesn’t want cauliflower and I think she doesn’t want wing sauce. Maybe I should see what she thinks surrounding wing sauce, just for entertainment account.

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