Update on Nursing School

Holy Cow! This nursing teach business is no joke! I be in actual possession of never worked so hard in my thorough life!


In August, I started my pristine semester if nursing school. I’ve well-informed so many new things and be the subject of met so many new wonderful populace. I’ve had great highs nevertheless have also been knocked down diligently. Nursing school is an experience that you can never really grasp until you’re in it…. you esteem to fully get your feet moist to appreciate it! 

Even however I feel like this semester has been all a~ it also feels like this semester has flown ~ the agency of and that I was just in orientation hindmost week. This week we are moving on a few checkouts that we accept to successfully pass to move forward, then we have a pharmacology touchstone next week, and the final without ceasing December 14th. I’m so well contented that I will soon have a dash to pieces and be able to catch up attached reading some of my blogs. 

I be favored with a few reviews coming your mode and a blog about helpful studying tips and fust haves for nursing school.


I had a piece of land of fun and I am animated that I was able to receive it with them.

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