Want Know about Siddhartha Medical College Tumkur

Want Know all over Siddhartha Medical College Tumkur

The Sri Siddhartha educational Community established Sri Siddhartha Medical College (SSMC) Tumkur, inside the season 1989. It is not terribly aloof from Bangalore and is estimate among enticing setting. Sri Siddhartha Medical College rests attached a large land place and has individual structures on the side of the pre medical, para clinical and sanatory divisions.

SSMC Tumkur is extremely nigh Bangalore and has glorious education and greatness of the course of study rooms and laboratories and it is nay surprise that folks from Bangalore besides as Tumkur and different places and equable states urgently sit up for the Sri Siddhartha Medical College accepting each educational season. The Sri Siddhartha Medical College’s ~-simple framework is simply like that of contrasted thought about faculties.

SSMC is associated to Rajiv Gandhi capability of Health Sciences, Bangalore and is approved through aid Authorities of Indian (MCI). The support education and medical middle is inside the borders of Tumkur town by way of metric linear unit from the incorporated town among natural place during a extensive university of 220 miles of the constituent of Bangalore Hannover nationwide street and it is truly seventy-six metric linear unit from Bangalore incorporated town coupled by street and train. Separate structures toward Pre and Preclinical divisions, immense many kinds and details middle and SSMC Hospital. It is a 1350 bedded curative middle, totally ready with twelve major operate cinemas additionally to lowest work cinemas.


 Siddhartha Medical College: In fulfillment of its legation, the college seeks:

To respond to the educational necessarily of the region by starting the to the purpose graduate, Postgraduate and Certificate programmes in arts, body of knowledge and commerce.

To transmit and divide knowledge by effective teaching, focusing put ~ learning as well.

To develop imminent abilities among the students in the course of learning.

To promote high levels of unlike achievements of the students by providing appropriate co curricular and extracurricular take the part of.

To prepare the students to head productive, responsible and creative lives ~ dint of. applying the acquired knowledge, for the utility of the society as a firm.

To serve the neighborhood society.

The charge and the goals of the community guide the framing of curriculum, the syllabic, and the lying-in of academic programmes.



Under Graduate Programs
Post Graduate Programs:
1. M.D Anatomy
2. M.D Physiology
3. M.D Biochemistry
4. M D Pathology
5. M D Pharmacology
6. M D Forensic Medicine
7. M D General Medicine
8. M D Pediatrics
9. M D Obstetrics and Gynecology
10. M D Anesthesiology

Admission in Sri Siddartha Medical College (SSMC) Tumkur

Candidates should wish passed 12th standard, should have obtained 50% heap up marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (taken into union), and should have passed English during the time that one of the subjects. The candidates should consider completed 17 years of age considered in the state of on the 31st December of the year of admittance. Selection is through COMED-K and CET.

Siddhartha Medical College Key features:

Focus in successi~ all aspects of English communication (Speaking, Listening, study of books and Writing).

Regular assessments.

Curriculum because of aptitude designed based on assessments conducted through the Corporate Sector.

Liaising with reputed Indian companies and MNCs to grasp campus recruitment’s.

Personalized feedback.

Blended acquisition of knowledge model for English programs.


Unfortunately they obtain reported manufacturing delays that have created a shortage of the medicine across the nation.

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