1.5 out of 5.5

August 2015 – Jan 2016.

It was a pleasing semester. 

Less grumpy pre-coffee-8am faces in a musty/freezing (never just nice) lecture entry , wondering why did we even annoy to appear knowing that we wouldn’t be apprised a thing the lecturer was blabbing relating to. 

Less long, never-ending pharmacology lectures and notes filled with names of drugs that are in such a manner long you can’t even unravel them correctly on your first pair tries, and scratching our heads figuring at a loss impossible mnemonics to help us remember at minutest half of it. The classes of the drugs, the receptors they act attached, the mechanisms they inhibit/enhance, the indications, contraindications, the sect effects, the pharmacokinetic and dynamic aspects…….. 

Less time exhausted in Clinical Skills touching our friends’ chests and abdomens, listening, and tapping. No creating our admit cases and pretending that we own a pain somewhere or had a resolution attack so that our friends could do history taking on us. No lining up at 8am suitable to get a room with a gracious couch and functioning air conditioner. 

Side scholium: probably a lot of all these in the following semester cuz exam *cries*

Less time spent ranting and raging on microorganisms and parasites, distressing to remember their long-ass names that proclaim more Spanish or Latin or idk… They’re righteous impossible… And the organs they march into, and lay their eggs and make a tour and grow and reappear and increase ….. Because we’ve established that our brains can only fit this much and suppose that we did remember all these we would cease to care for what diabetes mellitus is.

It was a semester that started with five long weeks of learning touching how we eat and how our feces is formed, four boring weeks of the sort of happens after we drink liquid, and four confusing weeks of in what way a tiny nub at the lees of our brains and two tiny pyramids of tissues capping our kidneys be possible to make our bodies go haywire. Three to a greater degree major systems and our knowledge on the human body will be (weakly) complete. 

The semester ended by a three-day ‘batch trip’ to KKB. Cheap fodder, great company, a hospital that functioned more suitable than we expected it to. Followed by a three-week wake up name in GH Ipoh, which reminded me of in what manner little I know and how a great quantity there is to know. It showed me the peopling that I had not been exposed to. People who knows cipher at all about medicine or their bodies, the bulk of mankind who are helpless in every air, people who are grateful for the sort of I am going through, with the intentions of helping them in the coming events. 

To those people who muse that it’s just A HUMAN BODY, to this place’s what you’re not vision:

12 systems that consist of 78 organs in entire. Every system is dependent of some another, if one collapse everything besides will be compensated. Every single instrument supplied by a group of arteries and veins, that all arises from many other arteries and veins, what one. eventually leads back to your will. All controlled by groups of force supplies, each nerve cell synapsing with other nerve cells, sending chemicals and impulses in a line their way. An organ being made ~right of different kinds of tissues, cropped land tissue containing their own type of cells, Every separate cell having ions and substances substance pumped in and out of the enclosed space, influenced by other substances around it.

One glass of furnish with ~, the liquid will seep through your viscera, into your blood vessels, leading to your kidney eventually. Your descent is diluted. Water is pumped into your kidneys, sodium ions over, then they’re pumped into your life-current again, to make sure that your systems are balanced. It goes in and lacking until your body is happy through it’s conditions, then your pee is formed. It goes into disfavor your ureters, into your bladder. Your bladder becomes abounding and distended, and your brain is informed……. (certainly this goes on and on)

Your body really isn’t that simple of each object to study thoroughly on.

Frequently the events that intertwist some individuals like cell phone calls are incongruous for you personally on the receiving close.

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