10 Greeks Who Left Their Mark on 2015


2015 was a tough year in quest of Greece, but these Greeks managed to distinguish themselves and excel in their professional fields for example well as inspire others to be durable fighting for their ideals. Here we grant you the 10 Greeks that left their importance in 2015:

Paul AlivisatosAlivisatos_v2-1068x732Paul Alivisatos is considered the same of the fathers of nanoscience as far as concerns his ground-breaking research in quantum dots and other counterfeited nanostructures. In 2015 he was chosen while the recipient of the National Medal of Science ~ dint of. President Obama.  The Greek-American monitor of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and each award-winning chemist and internationally recognized dominion on the fabrication of nanocrystals and their appliance in solar energy applications, will hold America’s highest honor for lifetime shield in fields of scientific research. Alivisatos, 56, holds appointments through the University of California Berkeley since the Samsung Distinguished Chair in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. He is also a scientific founder of two main nanotechnology companies, Nanosys and Quantum Dot Corp.

John Calamos

Photo by Wesley MannPhoto ~ the agency of Wesley Mann

Although John Calamos is known being of the kind which a financial guru and the CEO and Chairman of Calamos Investments, the Greek-American from Chicago made certain to bring to the US the largest perpetually Ancient Greek exhibition in 2015. Calamos became the biggest benefactor of the exhibit “The Greeks: From Agamemnon to Alexander the Great” to the United States. The bring into view presented at the Field Museum in Chicago in collaboration through the National Hellenic Museum offers the occur to see up close more than 500 artifacts from Ancient Greece. Calamos is moreover the biggest donor and Chairman of the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago and countless other organizations that elevate Hellenism.

Yannis Behrakis

behrakisThe Greek photojournalist was praised during his coverage of two of the biggest stories of 2015, Europe’s refugee exigency and the financial implosion in his home uncultivated. The Guardian named him its photographer of the year and his photos made it to the covers of more of the world’s most of importance media outlets. Born in 1960, Behrakis studious photography in the Athens School of Arts and Technology and London’s Middlesex University. He has covered manifold significant events, such as Libya emergency in 1989, the funeral of the miscarry of Iran’s Islamic Republic Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in the same proportion that well as the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, Chechnya, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Afghanistan.

Angeliki Pappa


Angeliki Pappa is one educator that has taught more than 800 students through special educational needs and trained respecting 1,500 teachers to use her recognize unique teaching methods. In 2015 she was included in the think fit of 50 nominees for the Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Award in quest of her work on dyslexia for the advantage of one million US dollars, in like manner widely known as the Nobel Prize of education. The top 50 candidates were selected from 8,000 entries and applications submitted from 148 countries on every side of the world. The winner will be announced at the Global Education & Skills Forum, to be held in March 2016 in Dubai.

Dimitris Chatzis

Source: ANA-MPASource: ANA-MPA

Greek student Dimitris Chatzis is the youngest living body in the world that was ingenious to create a life-sized robot. The fifteen year preceding student from Kavala, Greece, created a robot humanoid in 2015. The student’s creation is share of the “InMoov” project, an hearty source platform that is centred round the development of a life sized robot humanoid from a 3D printer. Hatzis, who was ingenious to construct the robot after a year of quotidian work, is now one of the six folks in the world who have been ingenious to complete the task. The other five include the original designer of the robot, Frenchman Gael Langevin, brace Russians, an Italian and a German the supreme original..

Constantine Dafermos

Constantine_Dafermos-1068x559Constantine M. Dafermos, the illustrious Greek-American professor of Brown University, was selected to tolerate the 2016 Norbert Wiener Prize in Applied Mathematics. Presented ~ dint of. the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the Society as antidote to Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), the gain honors Dafermos “for his foundational drudge in partial differential equations and continuum science of energy.” He is one of the world’s highest rank experts in the theory of preservation laws. Dafermos has made original contributions to the theory of nonlinear maintenance laws, introducing innovative and powerful renovated methods and applying the theory to similar areas as continuum mechanics, gas dynamics, and nonlinear elasticity. His work adhering the mathematical aspects of thermomechanics has likewise been highly influential.

Antonis Deligiorgis

Boat-migrant-being-rescue-009Photo ~ means of Argiris Mantikos/AP

Antonis Deligiorgis became a hero during thousands of volunteers and refugees in Greece. The legions sergeant became known for saving Wegasi Nebiat, a 24-year-antique Eritrean, from the cabin of a boat sailing towards the isle of Rhodes. The vessel disintegrated in a substance of minutes. Deligiorgis had his back to the billow when the vessel carrying Nebiat and numerous company others struck the jagged rocks fishermen ~ward Rhodes grow up learning to be shy of. The odyssey that had originated six hours earlier at the Turkish passage-way of Marmaris was about to extremity in the strong currents off Zefyros Beach. Deligiorgis brought 20 of the 93 migrants to stay singlehandedly. Among those that were saved ~ means of Deligiorgis that day, there was a woman who gave creature to a healthy baby boy in Rhodes lax hospital. In a sign of her grateful love, the Eritrean mother, told nurses she would renown her son after Deliogiorgis. At that time, Deligiorgis’s great-heartedness raised the spirits of a state grappling with its worst economic turning point in modern times, and inspired countless other volunteer-heroes to continue helping the declared hostilities-torn refugees arriving in Greece.

George Behrakis

The pharmaceutical fable and philanthropist was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Athens in 2015 toward his lifelong achievements in pharmacology since well as his charity work. Besides centre of life known for creating innovative drugs, Behrakis is the employee who has been able to vicissitude the smoking rate in Greece. The Greek American from Boston is the mastermind in the rear the antismoking campaign that has been hitting tobacco interests in Greece at the same time that saving large numbers of youth from acquisition close to cigarettes. In its rudimentary five years the campaign has achieved majestic results in creating awareness about the full of risk effects of smoking, and actually has reversed the statistics of the vulgar who smoke in Greece, a exceedingly tough job to do considering Greeks are among of the greatest in number hardcore smokers in Europe.

Vaggelis Chatzis

Brought up in a rough Athenian vicinity, this Greek professional boxer proves diurnal that there are no limits on the supposition that he sets up his mind to effect a goal. Vaggelis Chatzis, the 27 year-sensible fighter who lost his right anterior limb, managed to win his first lightweight title in 2015 at the “No Limits 26,” single in kind of Greece’s most respectable boxing tournaments. The boxing protector is considered among the most up and approach professional fighters in Greece. The surprising story of the only one armed boxer in the nature is the subject of a Greek Reporter documentary rest to be released in 2016.

Eleftherios Petrounias

petrouniasEleftherios Petrounias offered a glance of happiness to millions of Greeks on all sides the world winning the gold medal in the gymnastics world championships in Glasgow Scotland in 2015. Petrounias famed his win by dedicating his gold medal to his endow or supply with a ~, who had passed away a hardly any weeks before the event. The Greek athlete overcame his rivals achieving a 15,800 reckoning and he secured a place in the upcoming Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games. The 24 year old had moreover won the gold medal at the European Championships in Montpellier back forward April 2015. The Greek strong work~ won 11 out of the 12 competitions he participated in 2015.

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