A New Semester

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Hello altogether,

While the rest of the exercise took an extended holiday break, the Bloomington campus resumed classes some week earlier. This means that we demise finish the semester a week earlier, in addition!

Evidence-Based Medicine

The first week back has been surprisingly enjoyable. In adding to the usual Pathology, Pharmacology, and Medicine classes, we take Evidence-Based Medicine this semester. This Pass/Fail regularity introduces biostatistics and its applications in clinical exploration and everyday practice. Anything focused forward research and math is a reanimating change, as it emphasizes concepts and intelligence over memorization and pattern recognition.

Renal Unit

We began the semester by the renal unit, which I was looking brassy to, as it was one of my dear topics in MSI Physiology. Renal pathology has been every alphabet soup of whatever-glomerulosclerosis, whichever-glomerulonephritis, a portion- glomerulonephropathy, dunno-nephrosis, no-clue-nephropathy. The highest-line treatment for almost every glomerular infirmity is steroids, but each condition responds variably. I be seized of to sit down this weekend to ~ or other sort and file this mess into my brain compartments. Huzzah.

Renal pharmacology is countless. Once you understand the various nephron segments and in what way normal ion exchange occurs in each, the mechanisms and adverse effects of each diuretic make perfect sense. The same applies to electrolyte disorders and tart-base disorders. There is some math involved, too, a little added bonus. 😉 Yes, I like math, just though I lack the lightning-impregnable mental calculation skills of some of my bright classmates.

Rounds Group

Last semester, we had rounds groups to habit histories and physical exams (H&P’s). Our team was by a fantastic family medicine physician who expected surpassingly high-quality write-ups with detailed assessments, management plans, and references. There were days whenever I spent two hours interviewing and examining a patient, then another three hours typing the statement. It was very time-consuming, ~-end nonetheless a valuable experience.

This semester is completely divers. Our group meets in the Emergency Department through emergency medicine physicians to continue practicing H&P’s in which case studying the art of physical diagnosis. Each week, we reason about the diagnostic approach for a deviating chief complaint (chest pain, dyspnea, headache, etc), then see ED patients through relevant conditions or interesting physical exam findings. Our H&P’s determination be short and tailored to the patients’ greater symptoms. I am looking forward to exploring this quick-paced side of medicine.

Step 1

And in conclusion but certainly not least, the USMLE Step 1 power of determination be ominously hovering over us according to the next five months, sort of a continuing damper on the entire semester. 😛 At the period of this month, we are required to take a 4-hour practice exam to gauge our individual strengths and weaknesses. Having simply learned half of the organ systems, I take up beforehand a fair amount of blind guessing. This should subsist interesting.

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Hope everyone is having a virtue weekend. I have a Princess Leia cinnamon buns formulary coming up next week! 😀

Christine Crouch, MS Ed, PHR, and present with the American Cancer Society.

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