Dear Me- A Letter to my Self (by Dr Hannah Murch)

Dear my of the healing art student self,hannah

Wow, your first ~light in medical school-well done, I be assured of you think you are great….I accept something to tell you, you are not! You are the self-same bottom of a big shit heap and have a long way to rush before you can crawl through it. Belief me, I am at present 15 years further on and stationary am wading thigh high. Listen to the sort of people have to say, stop decline time sleeping through lectures and drinking too much, it only makes you ~ty- I have photographic evidence of this. The lectures steady subjects such as “immunology” and “pharmacology” you are on the point to sleep through due to a hangover, direction mean that you never quite have knowledge of the subject again….PLEASE WAKE UP!!

On the other agency though, once you are working you wish never get the chance to company all week dressed as a den girl, school girl or scantily clad in toga-in the same manner go for it….enjoy freshers! I am very lately married with two children and the no other than “all nighter” I now give a ~ is when my children are dentition, growing or ill!

Freshers card

I am popularly “that” paediatric registrar I remember mind knew everything, I must, im a keeper of a record?! The problem is: I don’t. I fit know where to look things up and don’t brains asking questions. Don’t worry on the supposition that you don’t know the reply , just keep asking.  I apprehend you will hate medical school to the time when you reach the 4th year bound when you start your paediatric placement you desire realise it is the job with respect to you. Working with children and their families force of ~ make all the studying worthwhile and you once for all find something you are good at. Until sooner or later, stop applying for jobs to have ~ing a wedding planner or work in “the city” it is a ravage of time.

Finally, go easy steady yourself. In the years to get to, you will be your own choke critic-it is not helpful, normal give yourself a break.





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