Drug Use and Abuse 6th ed. – S. Maisto

Drug Use and Abuse 6th ed. – S. Maisto

DRUG USE AND ABUSE takes each interdisciplinary approach in its coverage of current deaden with narcotics issues. It weaves psychological, historical, cultural, neighborly, biological, and medical perspectives emphasizing the creative that a drug’s effects depend not only on its properties, but that also on the biological and psychological characteristics of its user. This short dissertation is highlighted throughout, and is celebrated in discussions of the individual classes of drugs, being of the cl~s who well as in the chapters forward pharmacology and psycho pharmacology.

Features and Benefits

The authors inspect the microcosmic drug-related issues of historical and sociable relevance, as well as the microcosmic movables of substance use on a alone neuron in the human body.

The authors pry into the latest data on drug practice patterns and social trends, such like the recent increase in heroin addictedness.

Diagnostic Pretests at the beginning of both chapter challenge students to test their information of drugs while drawing their notice to important concepts of facts that follow in the chapter. Pretest answers and explanations at the end of each chapter provide an significant review of the main concepts.

A marginal dictionary helps students identify and define key stipulations within the text. Marginal quotes resist bring abstract concepts to life from one side personal accounts and comments about remedy use and its ramifications.

“Drugs and Culture boxes” observe the use of drugs in changeable societies and the consequences thereof.

“Contemporary Issue” boxes discuss current controversies involving drugs or unsalable article use, as well as events of the same nature to such controversies.

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