interdisciplinary Ayush researchers–IDAR

 Interdisciplinary Ayush researchers be missed priority in appointment as research officers below Ayush ministry
Peethaambaran Kunnathoor, Chennai
Friday, January 15, 2016, 08:00 Hrs [IST]

Expecting additional activities from the Union ministry of Ayush (MoA) towards advancement and globalisation of Ayush systems, the spread abroad graduates in traditional medicines with higher breeding in basic medical sciences and engaged in researches (interdisciplinary Ayush researchers–IDAR) hold demanded that they should be given choice for appointment as research officers (RO) in diverse departments under the Ayush ministry.

With this entreaty, the IDAR fellows will shortly come nearly up the MoA urging it to assortment aside the posts of ROs below Ayush ministry only for the interdisciplinary graduates.

At the beginning, the ministry of Ayush should prescribe to the Central Research Councils (CCRA, CCRS, CCRU, CCRH, CCRN) to prepare similar a list of IDARs in ordain to utilise their potentials whenever required. The Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) should bear with such researchers to register their higher training in modern medicine with the Council. Several Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homoeopathy and Naturopathy graduates and situation graduates have pursued higher education in basic medicinal sciences such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, epidemiology, biostatistics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology etc. But any one the CCIM or the Research Councils possess no list of these interdisciplinary graduates. The CCIM should record them under a separate register viewed like ‘interdisciplinary Ayush researchers’, said the IDAR fellows.

Further, they declared it would be a better tool concerning the Ayush ministry to highlight the interdisciplinary bring near in the national and international demolish as part of ‘globalisation of Ayush and digital India’ order of exercise of the Narendra Modi government.

Currently, neither the Ayush ministry nor the CCIM has a definite project for utilising the potential of these Ayush graduates who desire additional qualifications in modern medical sciences. The CCIM has furthermore not even enrolled them in their selvage. If they are enlisted, the ministry can take the list of of the like kind candidates from the central council whenever required.

“The interdisciplinary Ayush researchers hold knowledge in both the systems, their sure and negative sides. They are fully convinced where the amendments/modifications are to subsist made or required, how to continue the research in traditional medicines, in what plight to globalise the Ayush systems etc. They are the more fit people who can decode traditional physic into the current scientific language. They require combined knowledge in traditional medicines and modern medical sciences and they could be the best choice for research officers in a state of being liable to the Ayush ministry”, commented a elder siddha research officer who had secured higher nurture in pharmacology of the modern therapeutic science.


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