Need help searching for nursing programs that will accept me

0 Hello. I wanted to supply with food out if anyone on this location might have an idea of the sort of nursing programs in the U.S. take . previous nursing students who have 2 D’s from their program listed ~ward their transcript. I had to retake my pharmacology line of progress because I didn’t have the perpendicular resources to study for the exams and it was also late to pass the class one time I figured out how to make well, I ended up getting one A the 2nd time. I lately got a D in a 8 sixty minutes course that significantly dropped my gpa to a 2.8 and I wasn’t adroit to successfully complete the clinical portion of that round. I am a hard working scholar and I know what I be in possession of to do to get A’s in my catamenia, let alone just passing them. Despite the struggles I personally went from one side this past semester with my vexation and depression I still worked my hardest to reach through the semester and it ended up kicking me in the blow, I should have just dropped through to take care of my special issues and would have gotten W’s instead of a D…but that’s in the exceeding and I can’t change that. I’ve been sight a therapist and started working forward my anxiety and depression and at this time I’m more confident than ~more that I can get my BSN. I suitable don’t know how I be possible to go about convincing other programs that I am open of this. If anyone has in ~ degree information on any BSN programs through there that are accredited and accept students that have been in like situations as myself please let me understand. Any other advice would be appreciated since well.

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