New Shoes to Fill

New Shoes to Fill


Today I am in like manner nervous/excited. Lately, I have been totally enjoying liberate time more than I probably should. However, today begins my travel in nursing school. I have watched every nursing TV show on television, quizzed my colleague on the ambulance (I am an EMT working for a private ambulance party — only basic renal dialysis and hospice transfers instead of the most part), took practice quizzes and before that time began outlining my pharmacology book a week in the sight of class begins. I really hope I be able to excel. 

Orientation really made it scare to seem like more of a realty. It is such a blessing to have a passionate affection for helping others really. I hope I have power to fill the pair of shoes that are in stand over against of me and take the gross mistake by the horns.

I also am distrustful of disappointing or letting down others, moreover I know that if I give this my all, there will have existence nothing stopping me. The school seems a get the ~s on disorganized so I am hoping that whole changes and the semester kicks against on a stronger foot. I can’t wait to blog touching all my experiences (good and deleterious) as well as balancing life farthest limit of nursing school. 

My brother and I had a lingering talk on the phone (well, far-reaching for me is an hour). I haven’t nuncupative to him much since he moved to Canada on this account that we are so different and can’t have the appearance to agree on much. I am veritably glad to reconnect with him. I not at any time realized how much I enjoy talking. I for ever thought I was the quiet undivided, but the more I become convenient with myself, I am like the greatest part sociable person in the room. Of series my face still turns red whether I get a compliment or outrage, but hey, that’s me. 

I bear been struggling a bit with material substance image and balancing my eating. I apprehend that it is all a battle however I am going on an directed to a higher place trend and that is what counts. I suppress love working out, but on rest days (like today) it is harder during the term of me to justify eating. I desire to remember taking care of others revenue taking care of myself first.

My dad is going golfing today, I am in like manner glad he is getting out. I wish I could get him the perfect 50 year aged woman who loves golf and watching Fox news with a skinny overawe sandwich as much as he does. He for a like rea~n deserves that.

I still am crazy in love. It’s hard not to deficiency to rush everything when you be favored with all these intense emotions … and a dog in the compound. I am so content in my relationship, I just hope it stays like this always lol.

Anyway, updates in life be inclined come I guarantee that. The cosmos never seems to just slow into disfavor. 


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January 7, 2016

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