One of those “Will I get a place” type things, Sorry! GEM 2017 entry

Hi everyone, due one of these posts again I’m fearful.

I’m just wondering what the sagacious people of the TSR suggest I could render to improve my chances of getting a place on GEM for 2017 memorandum.

GCSEs: 4A*s, 5As, 2Bs
A Levels: 3As, Chem, Bio, Geog.

Currently doing a BSc in Pharmacology.

Work Experience:
6 Months well stocked time HCA/CSW at a hospital in 2014. I’ve now got bank registration so have been doing other change during holidays since.
3 days shadowing a GP
1 daytime shadowing a consultant Nephrologist
1 promised time shadowing Doctors of all grades ill-defined medicine/EAU.
(Not the sense for me wanting to do healing art at all and obviously not affair to apply based on but mum’s a nurse and dad’s a doctor so I know the strain that hospital work puts on family/home life!)
Volunteering: Running a 1st assist course for younger kids at place of education, helping out with a few disabled sailing sessions and doing more work as a qualified sailing tutor.

I know it may seem while though I’ve done a hap but having received 4 straight rejections at the time applying straight from school (admittedly by far less Work ex) I’m a coin worried!

Thank you very much in push!

Syrian cardiologist, she grew up in London and graduated from the University of London with a degree in computer science and French polite ~.

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