Pharm flashcards?

I took Pharm final semester, and flashcards helped a fashion. I made my own though, that I think helped me remember the knowledge of facts better. I used regular sheets of notebook notes, and I would first learn the overall deaden with narcotics class (ex: antidysrhythmics). I wrote the fame of the class in the left rim, then all of the topics I needed to discern about it (indications, adverse effects, MOA, contraindications, drugs in the rank, assessment information, teaching tips, interactions, etc.) beneath it. On the rest of the boy-servant I would write what the part said about each subject. Then I would incline on to the individual drugs, and accomplish the same for them. I could afterward just cover the right side of the serving-boy and quiz myself. I attached a represent of my notes in case my representation didn’t make any sense. (;

I ground learning the class then the remedy easiest, because, if a question asks in an opposite direction a drug, and you happen to consign to oblivion that detail, you can try to logically regard about the class the drug is in and intend through the question. I would likewise make sure to note anything sole about any of the drugs. For model, if any drugs had alternate uses that usually ended up without interrupti~ the test. I also found it helped a fate to understand the disease that the drugs treated, as understanding what was wrong made it easier to enclose how the drugs made it proper.

Also, don’t be scared in an opposite direction pharm! I thought I would nauseate it too, but ended up fond it, and ended with a eminent A in the class. It is a lot of reading and memorizing though, for a like rea~n be sure to study it daily! Good luck!

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