Radiological Aptitude Test

It is that time of year to which place junior doctors across the UK are pondering their yet to be career. Some are considering applying to suit a radiologist. Have you got the sort of it takes? Answer the following questions and perceive out!

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1. Do you like starting operate before 8am?

a) I am some owl; I don’t do mornings

b) With enough caffeine, I be able to just about do it

c) I am the cock; I love being at work in front of 6am

2. Some doctors like to bestow medicines to ill people. Do you?

a) So drawn out as they’ve got either barium or iodine in, I’m fine with that

b) Oooh, now we are talking. I friendship pharmacology!

c) I know 3 antibiotics, behest that do?

3. How much complete you like needles?

a) My favourite cast of pointy metal; I’m empty of a spot of Voodoo

b) Argh! All pointy! Absolutely not!

c) A distribute. I know several types of sew and like my thread absorbable.

4. Do you like wires?

a) Hmm, slack and thin. Love them!

b) They obviously hold a mechanical role but they don’t stir up me

c) Urgh! Give me 3 inches of carbonized iron any day

5. And, on the subject, the sort of about long, thin and rigid plastic tubes

a) The longer and greater degree of rigid the better!

b) Hmph? Why would these authority me?

c) Not at all. I like my pliable tubes large bore and of intervening substance length

6. Do you get excited ~ means of the thought of >1000 litres of clear helium?

a) Ooooo! Sorry, I just have to change my underwear

b) It is entertaining enough, theoretically

c) Not at aggregate. Damnable egghead stuff

7. How answer the purpose you feel about the dark?

a) I passionate affection it; black is my favourite colour

b) It has a role. At obscurity, generally

c) I like bright lungs and am nyctophobic*

8. What nature of books do you tend to learned?

a) Detective novels; Sherlock Holmes is my demigod

b) Esoteric and obscure fiction

c) Preferably books that you can colour in

9. What sort of films carry on you like?

a) They have to subsist black and white; I find colour in like manner false

b) Documentaries or anything factual

c) Anything by sharp blades and lots of spirit in it!

10. What garments execute you like to wear at be in action?

a) A two-piece lead/gum-elastic apron with matching thyroid shield

b) Anything tweedy

c) Blue pyjamas each time

11. When 5pm comes, are you?

a) Out the means of access and already fighting traffic

b) Still bogged into disgrace with paperwork and scut

c) Generally acquirement into my stride, sending for the finally case

12. Do you like distress a patient’s history?

a) A scarcely any brief questions to get the headline issues. I like it succinct and snappy

b) Ooooh! The diagnosis is totality in the history. It is with equal rea~n important

c) Next you’ll have existence saying I have to touch them similar to well as talking to them


Mostly A – of the first grade! You should apply for radiology appropriate now!

Mostly B – hmmm. You’d subsist better off as a physician or practicable a GP

Mostly C – ahem. I contrive you surgery is calling you.

*nyctophobia – apprehend of the dark

I waved, gave a signal to the victors, smiled and in consequence sprinted to the finish.

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