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“We hold not much information about the Bia 10-2474 self-possessed but we know that other inhibitors of FAAH (fatty acid amide hydrolase) chemically different be in actual possession of passed safety tests in tests in humans, “says Le Figaro Professor Daniele Piomelli, professor of neurobiology boundary also pharmacology and biological chemistry at the University of California (USA). He acknowledged that he was stunned ~ the agency of the news of the accident at Rennes.

10-2474 Bia is business of a new chemical family that without delay excited the researchers, the inhibitors of FAAH. Between 2009 and 2014, crowd laboratories have filed patents to shelter “their” inhibitor of FAAH: Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck, Johnson & amp; Johnson, Amgen, Abbott, etc. A kindred of medicines to which it lent at offspring almost miraculous virtues. For now, the results obtained through various inhibitors of FAAH sin more by their lack of efficiency!

Treatment or hindrance of no less than 41 diseases!

In the prayer filed US provisional July 24, 2012, pure one year before the international spreading application, the laboratory Bial was taking into account the use of the compound in the handling or prevention of not less than 41 diseases! Obesity chafe through hypertension, epilepsy, glaucoma, neurotoxicity, Parkinson’s distemper, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, depression, nausea, asthma, Osteoarthritis …

The security of other molecules that inhibit FAAH suggests that the toxicity of Bia 10-2474 could have existence related to its interaction with a diverging protein FAAH, imagine Professor Piomelli. This exemplar of non-selective interactions with medications is threadbare, but is usually detected early in the progress to maturity (especially in animals) and rarely has consequences for example tragic as those of the Rennes struggle. Hence also the amazement of Professor Adam Cohen, Director of the Centre in quest of Human Drug Research in Leiden in the Netherlands: “It’s extremely strange because a drug does not deprive of life suddenly. I have never seen that in thirty years of actual observation, as it increases very gradually doses in appearance 1 and is stopped as gladly as something is watching! “

Prudence in testing phasis 1

Dr. Sander van den Bogert, co-composer in July 2015 of a prophetic article in British Medical Journal trade for caution in Phase 1 trials, as antidote to now favors the hypothesis “of a enigma in the manufacture, storage or other handling of products administered to six volunteers in some measure than a problem with the atom itself or the protocol of the study. “

For Professor Olivier Chassany ( Université Paris Diderot) former Chairman of the Committee to Protect vulgar herd of Ile-de-France 4: “It command also ensure that the patients who had this margin effect did not have a public feature that could explain unsuspected . “

But the coming time of the family of inhibitors of FAAH is not unavoidably compromised. “Maybe succeed do we reduce to law what happened with the conformation of the molecule, but somehow monitor all the clan of molecules,” says Prof. Chassany.


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