The First Great Commission…

The primitive things of Scripture will be the chief things of godliness until the after all the rest things bring us Home. What are those pristine things?

Read the Bible’s account of the beginning. In Genesis God lays disclosed His command for the species He names “adam” (translated “employee” in most English Bibles). He commands adam to have ~ing…

fruitful. Fruitfulness is the foundational fundamental of nature and He made adam the same. It wasn’t virtuous that God gave man sperm and woman eggs and milk. It was likewise that He commanded adam to obey in what manner He made them. Again and again:

God hallowed them, saying, “Be fruitful and make more, and fill the waters in the seas, and lease birds multiply on the earth.” (Genesis 1:22)

God happy them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule athwart the fish of the sea and upward of the birds of the sky and superior every living thing that moves forward the earth.” (Genesis 1:28)

Bring with~ with you every living thing of wholly flesh that is with you, birds and animals and each creeping thing that creeps on the terrestrial ball, that they may breed abundantly up~ the earth, and be fruitful and increase on the earth.  (Genesis 8:17)

And God hallowed Noah and his sons and uttered to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.”  (Genesis 9:1)

As by reason of you, be fruitful and multiply; Populate the this world abundantly and multiply in it. (Genesis 9:7)

God furthermore said to him, “I am God Almighty; Be fruitful and multiply; A nation and a gang of nations shall come from you, And kings shall get to forth from you.” (Genesis 35:11)

Why dwell on this? Aren’t there already a bunch of exhortations to structure love and babies, both together, hither on Baylyblog?

Sure, but consider by what means often God commands it in Scripture. This is besides telling because He could assume that, starting by adam and continuing down to recent pharmacology and technology, the descendants of adam would take spouses instead of themselves and make fruitful love. Why command something that over most of adam’s history has been unavoidable?

God is helping us understand that whenever we make fruitful love, when the unitive and procreative functions of espousals are welded together, we are obeying His sway. We are submitting to Him. We are confessing our affectionate regard and commitment as He has decreed. We are acknowledging the weight of evidence of the Creator over all His whole creation, starting with the intimacy and privacy of our marriage bed.

Sex is duty or disobedience, submission or rebellion, truthfulness or unbelief. Sex is not copulation. Ever. Sex is much more and much, much deeper.

Sex is living fully the manhood or womanhood God made us in the uterus. Sex is confessing our masculinity or femininity in reverence to the identity God gave us in the womb. Sex is joining with our spouse, our husband or wife, to subsist fruitful, multiply, and fill the terrestrial ball.

Because God said so, that’s for what cause.

Again and again and again. And it’s not a intimation. It’s a command requiring compliance. You will either obey the universe and rebel against God’s order, or you will turn away from the cosmos and submit to God’s charge. There’s no halfway spot between the world‘s rebellion and confession to God where you and your wife be possible to stand. You can’t serve the one and the other God and carbon emissions, global warming, primordial wilderness, car seats, child protective services, inoculations, houses, cars, degrees, professions, and your opulent Evangelical in-laws.

It’s been a recurring view with Clearnote for some years, at this time, that the Godly congregation will exist fruitful and that fruitfulness will exist somewhat balanced in two directions. First, the souls of the house of god will work to fulfill the Second Great Commission by loving their neighbors and bearing corroborator among them to repentance and religion in Jesus Christ, and the Lord devise add to their number daily those who are reality saved. Second, the souls of the house of worship will work to fulfill the First Great Commission through marrying and loving and bearing children, and the Lord direct add to their number daily those who are life saved.

In many ways, the truth about Protestant and Reformed Christians in America today is that we are returning to the Roman Catholicism we repented of at the time of the Reformation. This is specially true with regard to the Christian home. Prior to the Reformation, toward centuries Rome had denigrated the walk of life of fatherhood and motherhood, claiming the ones who were accurately religious were men and women who stayed one only and became priests, nuns, and monks. If a adult male or woman wanted to live a in reality godly life, they would never fall themselves to marriage and childbearing. They would vow single life and pray all the time.

The Reformers declared “No, the work of fatherhood and motherhood is righteous and the highly vaunted celibacy of Rome is mere sanctimoniousness.” And so Luther and Calvin conjugal and worked at fruitfulness and multiplication of the same kind with they also preached the Gospel as antidote to the salvation of mankind—both at the like time.

Do you want to elevation God? Do you want to construct His Church? Do you want to die adroit? Do you want to demonstrate lowliness of mind and meekness as you walk in the road of the Lord? Do you paucity to grow in the fruit of the Spirit?

Do the sort of God made you and your wife concerning. Be fruitful, multiply greatly, fill the globe, and raise in the nurture and mild censure of the Lord each orange, apple, and peach God presents you. Do it by great joy because forever and eternally they are your obedience. Your faithfulness. Your fruitful love—both for your wife and for God.

Some mob are able to identify triggers (cheese, wine, be in want of of sleep) and for others, myself included, attacks are seemingly random.

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