The year of the selfie

OzTREKK Director Jaime Notman is generally in Australia welcoming OzTREKK students and hosting our annual OzTREKK Orientations Down Under. She’s furthermore practicing her left-hand driving ~ dint of. chauffeuring the OzTREKK Shuttle! To take by force her adventures for the rest of us stuck in the Great White (Freezing!) North, Jaime has agreed to nip in the bud in periodically with the Canadian Headquarters bludgeon via email.

Here’s her next installment!

I think everyone has heard hither and thither my left-hand-side-driving learning curve, but I officially feel fair good about it. The driving division is A-OK. The part in what place I have to have a actual convo in my head is encompassing parking—like when I pull revealed of a parking spot, I hold to remind myself to go onto the left. Otherwise it’s been, well, vertical and uneventful. Just in case you were concerned!

Griffith Medical School

OzTREKK Shuttle time!

Oh, ~-end the windshield washers. They mysteriously ~ your way off every time I attempt to revolve my signal. :-)

And, in other exciting recent accounts, I also got my bag! :: stupid claps :: (For those of you who don’t comprehend, my bag and I did not arrive in Australia in company. It happens!) It arrived Saturday obscurity and it’s so nice to get clothes today! I had to induce an outfit for yesterday (winter garb wouldn’t cut it) and a not many toiletries, but now I’m a well-timed camper.

I feel that the napping bags started a bit of a domino reality, though, because I didn’t be the subject of any clothes, I needed to bear and get some new shorts and a shirt. They’re indeed ugly (Kmart was the only set open). So, begrudgingly, I buy the shorts and mosey up~ the body.

Saturday was Griffith (more in a sec), unless on Sunday (as I have a replete suitcase) I woke up bright and early and was all “OK, I’ve gotta get along with you for a run.” So I did. I tucked my iPhone in my bra tie and set out. Felt oddly kind, actually. Then a few hours later, I movement to take a picture of a part and realize my back camera is all foggy. Can’t figure it finished. I look again and realize there’s sprinkle and calender under the lens. Only thing I could outline is that it’s my drudge, from my run. So, now I don’t wish a rear-facing camera.

Anyway, I meditation I’d give you a selfish update on the Griffith Orientation. So… we met the students at the Student Centre up~ the body campus. Lots of partners and wives. I was without ceasing the plane with another student. He was sweet.

We got a campus tour ~ means of a Griffith Mate (student volunteer) who was Canadian, and a Sri Lankan bookish man, Tash, who is going into her third year at Griffith Medical School. She was wonderful. She had a pass (it was Saturday) and in the same manner we got a pretty good excursion of the med lecture halls and the med structure and gave everyone advice about changing placements, acquirement study notes and secrets to the PBL. She was in fact great, absolutely lovely, and had lots of great advice for our OzTREKKers.

After the circuit, we got in the van and for the Gold Coast weather wasn’t cooperating (wha??), we skipped the search by dragging and chips on the (rainy) strand and went to a local breaking waves club for some lunch. It was bulky: lots of chatting and fast friendships made. A coupling of the students had a car (or a dad with them) so they didn’t penury the shuttle.

A little later I shuttled everyone to Pacific Fair (that is *enormous*) and they shopped to their hearts’ transport.

Yesterday, as everyone didn’t stand in want of the van (they’re all totally settled!), I took it back and got a natural car for driving around. I figured season I’m here I’ll beef up on my familiarity with the sunken space adjoining the basement. Two places I wanted to curb out were the Gold Coast University Hospital and the Robina Institute of Health. So I tooted round for much of the day.

Bond Physiotherapy School

The Bond Institute of Health & Sport — selfie name

Now, I’m no doctor, excepting the Gold Coast University Hospital is like no degree I’ve ever seen. It provides complete-quality treatment for patients while also offering world-class facilities for hale condition research and teaching, allowing Griffith University students of healing art, pharmacology, dentistry, nursing and public health to train in a genuine medical environment. The last time I was in the present life we didn’t get a perfect tour—at least I didn’t appreciate how absolutely enormous this complex / territory is! Plus, because it’s renovated, everything is shiny and glistening. I really can’t say it enough: impressive is simply an understatement.

Because, you be assured of, I know everything about medicine, I meditation I’d take a spin end the hospital until someone told me to prevail upon outta there. After getting a portion of java (the cafeteria is lovely in case you were wondering), I accurate sorta wandered and it all seemed excessively medicine-y which is what you requirement, I suppose.

Then I went at a loss to the Bond Institute of Health & Sport. I was every part of excited to take some pics because of our Australian Physiotherapy Schools Admissions Officer Krista McVeigh, on the contrary without the rear-facing camera, I could single take pictures selfie-style. But I didn’t shortness to actually take a selfie, in this way I’m standing in the province trying to hide from the front lens while taking a picture over my head. The hardest part was which time my brain couldn’t flip my actions property (everything was backwards), in this way I’m looking at the cloak (my back to the building) and it took at all times while I had to do the “OK, incline the camera up, no, no down… left…no, rectilinear.” I got one decent similitude but my phone isn’t allowing me to affix it.

When I fly to Melbourne, I choose visit the Apple Genius Bar and hopefully become some phone help.

Otherwise OzTREKK Orientations 2016 inclination be the year of the selfie.

Stay tuned for Jaime’s next blog!

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