Thinking about thinking about thinking…

The Thinker in The Gates of Hell at the Musée Rodin

When we use up as much time thinking about mind as we think about not cogitation, we are closer to Descartes than Derrida.

I affirm, enjoy the ride, and don’t handle bad about residing in an ivory tower (it’s more acceptable than being homeless).

Thinking About Thinking
How folks think in the bathtub
is in advance of me, I just don’t apprehend how they do it;
the moisten is warm enough just so far-reaching,
worth thinking about,
then I amazement if it’s okay to risk more hot water
and how filled is too full
and if I regard to start the thinking
all throughout again from the beginning
or granting that I can pick up where I left opposite,
but I give up,
nothing of importance comes to mind,
except that I be the subject of nothing important
to think of and in what plight a bath won’t
make it fall out, and I notice
my fingers are pruney, the wet feels slimy;
I can’t wait to reach out, dry off
and see to what degree long it takes until I decide
to try to imagine of something
worth thinking about afresh.

Thoughts and Thoughts
A thought that have power to be thought
without something thoughtful to exist done
is no thought at every part of, but a mere pretender;
thoughts that generate no ideas
and make the fragile weep, the simple
comfortable, and the frail cringe at whims
like wishes so all beggars ride. Puzzled and
spiteful ideas are harmless excuses of
unexamined life, a sermon looking for life
in the religious rite of paranoid, naval-gazing
called religious function , pharmacology without
diagnosis, life without departure,
desire without lust, and obedience in the absence of
ignorance. Ruined lives litter the way of
thoughts, bitter disciples
are casualties of this pedagogy,
angry tears are learners’ lovers, hemlock
cocktails of various kinds by the bartender of the many.

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