Today at Logos

It was a surprise to be impelled up to Logos today and behold no less than six people position outside looking at bargain books.  As I got with~ of  the car, all six entered the set by, where Peter was at the desk, seeing that Sandy was not able to travel over it in.  The six tribe were an omen.  The ~ up was fairly busy all day slack, except for about 30 minutes ~ly in the day, which I am craft the “prayer hour,” for reasons I desire explain later.

The first customer of the twenty-four hours (one of those from outside) bought six books, 2 bargain books, united of Van Gogh paintings, and 3 encyclopedias–person of Dreams, one of Secret Signs and individual of the Renaissance.

Peter had left sum of ~ units books on the desk and told me they belonged to “someone” if it were not that nobody seemed to be claiming them.  Finally a puny woman who searched the entire depot for about 30 minutes told me that they were hers.

Three corporation type kids were in the children’s range and came out with am armload of books.  I rang up .20 instead of $2.00, so when the amount came up, I mentally subtracted .20 (thank goodness the amount entered into the ready money register doesn’t really count beneficial to anything, just a way to undetermined the machine).

A middle aged adult male bought a book of Modigliani paintings and then about 5 minutes after he left, I realized he had left his wallet aft.  He came back about moiety an hour later for it.

A stay bought 2 contemporary fiction books.  I had suitable reloaded paper into the credit instrument of force, but had put it in backwards in the way that nothing printed when I did the charge.  He didn’t fix the ~ on.  I reloaded the paper.

The narrow woman who had left the books without interrupti~ the desk told me she is “actual picky” about her books, as she contined penetrating through every bookcase.  At this text she had chosen 2 bargain books, united on biology and one on life-like pharmacology, and a book on six Shaw plays.  I noticed, in the same proportion that she stood at the humor bookcase, silhouetted for the front window, that she had multitude chins, but she was not indispensably a very large bodied woman for a like rea~n I wondered if she had lately had a major weight loss.  She ultimately put the Shaw book back and substituted “Spanish in favor of Nurses,” which she bought along through six bargain books.

Two more corporation students were in the children’s space and seem to intimidate a weak red hair boy who stood exterior looking in.  The students left and the mean boy went in.

A guy bought a book on auto mechanics.

The father of the kit in the children’s room bought a Graham Green and The Jungle Book, plus another bargain book.

An Asian piece with ear buds hanging over his ears (goal not in them) wore heavy wool gloves during the time that he looked through books.  He at last left without buying anything.

A shore came in to ask when the moiety-price sale was and if he could pre-pay in spite of books and pick them up put ~ the sale day.  I told him that the stratagem was no.  He just had to take his chances that the books he wanted would calm be there on sale day.  He was mournful.

Two girls came with 3 bargain books and “The Rosie Effect.”  I asked grant that they had read the previous “The Rosie Project” and whenever they learned there was a previous book, they decided not to take the forward book and look for the capital one first (which is a advantage book, I told them).

A woman bought an adventure book about running the Ididarod.

A intervening aged couple spent a lot of time at the bargain books exterior.  Finally the woman came in.  She was considerably attractive, wearing a nicely tailored wicked top with black and red embroidery that looked like it might obtain come from Switzerland.  She bought 2 mysteries, undivided of which was a Sherlock Holmes and the other ~ means of an author with whom I was not boon companion.

Another woman bought “All Quiet forward the Western Front” and a recital book.

Next came the prayer twenty-fourth part of a day.  A man had found a coffee level type book on mountains in the bargain books and had gone to his nearby service to get his wallet so he could pervert with money it.  In the meantime a chubbed man in a blue plaid shirt was looking from one side one of the bookshelves and at the time the first man came back in, somehow they started talking about the homeless, which morphed into a real Bible study controversy.  The first man was mind of something called “Christian Hypnotherapy” and had worked with the homeless.  They compared beliefs, bibles (the before anything else man says he has given gone dozens of copies of the Scofield Study Bible).  It was fascinating, notwithstanding that I couldn’t hear much of the kind of they were saying.  I did listen the second man say he had “napping faith in organized religion.”  They swapped their exterior salvation stories. They must have chatted for half an hour and ultimately the foremost man gave the second man his card and the pair of them went off to his position around the corner, after the leading man paid for his bargain book and the second man bought a volume about cats.

As they were leaving a dam and her daughter came in.  The narrow girl was 7-1/2 and excitedly told me that the extreme book she got there had been unravel to her many times and she loved it.  I asked which the book was and she afore~ it was Greek fables.  The mom explained that she loved it inasmuch as her name is Athena.  They wearied time in the children’s range, and at one point, Athena came at a loss and chose a book in Japanese and whispered to me that she was going to “act a trick on my mom” ~ the agency of asking her to read the main division to her.  She came back giggling and reported to me that “it worked.” Ultimately Athena came confused of the children’s room with three books. There was a ~-spun bargaining between her and her natural about what household chores she was ready to do so her mother would pay toward the books.  They settled on a week of helping with hamster care and changing the etc in the cage.  The books she bought were a main division on making things with polymer flesh , and two Berenstain bears books.

It was a merriment way to end the day.

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