Velvetsky’s Odyssey


I am velvetsky (obvs not my absolute name haha).I am second year Pharmacy scholar and I have decided to find a blog this year to paper my journey through second semester.

Where take I come from? * Patient History*
I wish always considered myself to be of medium intelligence.
I have average statistics.GCSE ;2A* 4A 3B , AS proportion; ABBB ,Alevel; ABB
So yeah as you can see I’m not your Oxbridge aspirant but I like to think I’m ok. However, I worked puzzling for AS and Alevel I be assured of for a fact if I worked harder than the sort of I do now and have been doing considering 1st year and much as I did I would be averaging at least 70% in whole my assessments.

Where am I not oblique now? *The Current State*
I be the subject of just started second semester (today) and be in actual possession of received my marks for semester 1 assignments.I got 52 (my at the outset 2nd year assignment) 84,70 ,65, 62 commonly waiting for one more.I did in reality badly in one test which is integrity 5% of the module and got a disappointing 1/6 questions reform .Don’t even ask how!.I HONESTLY couldn’t confess you.I have never been in the same manner disappointed in myself, this is for what cause I’m making this blog on this account that I have received 2 sets of detestable results and I know this be obliged got to change.

Why the poverty to get good grades i.e. 70+ ? *The Examination*
For me this is a deeper delivery.2 years ago I missed lacking on my firm choice which a stop friend got into for the corresponding; of like kind course as well.I didn’t obtain an insurance choice so had to settle as antidote to whatever I could find.
Although I’m not remotely halfway into my degree, I cheat feel like I have not recovered from that.Knowing that I didn’t practise as well as I wanted does ~ by heart to me and it really should have ~ing enough to push me forward and motivate me.. I am determined to divulge myself that despite me missing my target grades and failing to attend a literary institution I had always wanted to case to since y10, I can noiseless get a first class degree overall and mash it.I have always been individual of those people that doesn’t necessity external motivation, first semester for me was moral works socially but terrible academically.It wasn’t until I got 52% on my leading 2nd year university assignment, I had to hold a session down and think about how I was in a short time I was losing my vision and my send.A year ago there is not at all way in hell I would acquire been ok with 52% but which time I got those results I conception ‘eff it’.The fact that I responded in of that kind a way; brushing it off and not caring made me dig down deep and promise myself that I would in no degree EVER go back to that represent fully.I swore down I would not at all be satisfied and complacent with of the like kind a mediocre results.Do I handle like I deserved it though?.Ofcourse.I took everything in addition lightly and now I want to visit what happens if I put in 80+ attempt in.

The problems *The Diagnosis*:ahhhhh:
Diagnostic point to be solved 1; Laziness.I mean extreme laziness.E.g. up~ Mondays I have a 2 hr rift and instead of going to the library and doing more work its either I go back to my champaign and nap #BadHabit or I precisely waste my time doing absolutely cipher.This is definitely one of the things I am tiresome to change this semester.By having this blog I reliance to achieve a constant working design.

Diagnostic problem 2; Setting myself direction of motion too many things to do afterward I end up not getting anything bestowed because it is just too a great quantity work to do.Then that stresses me not at home because I have got nothing concluded and the vicious cycle repeats.

Diagnostic question 3; Bad revision techniques I had re-examination techniques that worked but at uni I don’t feel like they work because well e.g. rewriting notes worked at Alevel otherwise than that not so much now for me.However, I am keen for new techniques.

Diagnostic problem 4; PROCRASTINATION. AHHH continually here to bite me in the arse.I deposit the PRO in PROCRASTINATION.I behest avoid work until I *have* to chouse it.

What am I going to cook about it? *Treatment*
– Procrastinate less
Stop making never ending To-do lists
-Review my lecture notes in the same week they are given
(added to be added)..

Where am I going? *The goal of usage*
So I am hoping to do 70s in 2 modules and atleast 80 in the other 3rd module.I am aiming on the side of at least 80% in the latest exam of the 3rd module that is after Easter and is integrity 70%.
In addition, I am in addition aiming to start reading novels again.I used to love reading and I slip on’t know how and when I stopped representation.I am joining a book converse haha! this semester.

Optimising Usage of Medicines – 70%
Pharmacology – 70%
Pharmaceutical Formulations,Dispensing and Dosage Forms – 80% overall and 80% in the exam

Thankyou in quest of taking the time to read my tedious ass post!!.

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I desire update this blog every Friday (or weekend depending adhering my schedule).

Lets do this!!!

If you’re given paltry time to put together, it be possible to be far better not to partake anymore.

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