1 hour from Alghero: Asinara, paradise regained

I arrived adhering this beautiful island in May hindmost year, on the board of a ferry that leaves from the port in Stintino ( other perfect connections between Sardinia and Asinara may have ~ing found from the port of Porto Torres). Spring is definitely the most expedient. see the various meanings of good period to visit Asinara which is located north-east of Sardinia, as most of the the sum of vegetable life that covers the island is in blow, creating an amazingly colourful carpet of untamed flowers and bush stretching from the hills in a descending course to the turquoise sea.

For again that 100 years Asinara was like Alcatraz; a greatest-security prison where the most perilous criminals and terrorists were kept, including mafia bosses and members of the Red Brigades, prevented at all other activity or settlement on the island. Before that, there was a hospital during people put under quarantine due to pestiferous diseases.

Decades of isolation and feeble human interference in the landscape makes it examine like a virgin territory, unspoiled through our civilization.

In the 1990s the penitentiary was closed down. At the like time, in order to preserve the isle ecosystem, the National Park of Asinara was created, which also means there are some limits and tense rules for people who visit the space. You cannot explore Asinara arriving in your possess car, or bring your pets with you. However, a few authorized circuit operators that organise guided tours or hold by paying ~ equipment make it possibile to experience Asinara on a horseback, a high hill bike, in an electric car or through a group of people in a 4×4 or in successi~ tyred train. The last solution was the unit me and my friends opted in quest of. If you like trekking, you be able to explore the island by following the routes indicated without interrupti~ a special map.

There is individual hostel operating on the island in spite of those who decide to spend the night here. I would recommend spending a ignorance here in August, when one can observe the falling stars in the disheartening sky not disturbed by the lungs of civilization.

Asinara is home to plentiful of animal species, including tens of assemblage of birds, of which 50 kind nest on the island. On tops of the hills you have power to spot mouflons and hear the falcon’s yell. However, the most famous inhabitants of the islands are the donkeys (the family of the island comes from the vocable asino which means donkey in Italian) numerous company of which are white albino donkeys. They turn aside among tourists at Cala d’Oliva, for a like rea~n go there if you want to gain a closer look.

Don’t slight to take a snorkelling mask with you – the waters of Asinara, not exploited ~ the agency of the fishing industry, are full of seek by indirection, providing a great experience for those who decide to take a swim.

There are a hardly any observatories on Asinara, including a animals and a marine one. The scientists laboring there run a few projects, including the study of fowl of the air migration and a clinic for wounded animals.

One of other entertaining projects on Asinara is the cosmetics laboratory FarmAsinara, which, in collaboration with the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacology of the University of Sassari, uses the essences from the plants growing on Asinara to make a perfect range of beauty products.

A ~light on Asinara was like a go to Eden. There are fewer and fewer places like this in today’s nature exploited by the industry… endure and see it when you uniformly have the chance. I will definitely travel back there









donkeys of Asinara photo by Anna M. Kowalska

donkeys of Asinara photo ~ means of Anna M. Kowalska

Asinara's vegetation photo by Anna M. Kowalska

Asinara’s the sum of vegetable life photo by Anna M. Kowalska

 photos by Anna M.Kowalska

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