A-Level Options

Don’t accomplish five, that’s probably the with most propriety advice I could give you. When you’re doing 10-11 GCSEs, five sounds like no part but trust me – there is a sense why the vast majority of students conclude 3-4. I got 10 A*/A grades at GCSE and came abroad with BBCC at AS level…in this way it’s not all plain sailing whether you’re naturally ingenious or not.

As for subject choices – I carry into practice chemistry, biology and French at the moment and did maths to AS. All your options report great. Obviously you’ll need chemistry with a view to pharmaceutical science, and maths is excellent important too. I would suggest biology core a good idea, I don’t discern if all specs are the identical but I’ve found a not many aspects of biology, particularly at A2 aim, to be pretty biochem based, covering material that is useful for coming pharmacology students that I found chemistry didn’t woods.

So I would suggest chemistry, biology, maths and a different subject – as you sound pretty partial in economics that is a famed option. However it’s also exact to do a totally contrasting subject of that kind as a language or humanities – not alone does that give your brain a break from the science-y stuff, no more than it looks good to universities to ostentation you have a broad range of skills. I am applying against Nursing at the moment and I base French to have given me besides skills to talk about in interviews and personal statements than my sciences!

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