A Year Later

I haven’t posted to this blog in a year. I’m unwholesome at staying on top of things like this.

Spring 2015
First semester of nursing admonish went well overall. I passed Pharmacology, Nursing Fundamentals and Nursing Skills. I got kicked ~right of my Intro to Clinical since I tore a tendon and fractured my wrist and had a brace on it and because of the injury my professor (Lisa) would not make ~ance me at the clinical site anymore. So, I had to retake clinical.

Summer 2015
Not spots in at all clinicals for me.

Fall 2015
I got into a clinical. I synced up by the Fast Track group for clinical and was going to have existence able to stay with that cluster if I passed the clinical that would have kept me on path to graduate in the December of 2016. Well, without ceasing September 20th I woke up and couldn’t walk and went through every one of my medical issues with the Endometriosis, 2 surgeries, being diagnosed through small fiber neuropathy and diagnosed with arthritis. Due to all of these health issues, I was unable to without fault clinicals once again.

Spring 2016
I got every email 10 days ago that they were skilful to get me into the Clinical later this semester. This is my finally chance at taking this clinical. Three strikes and you are uncovered on any class. Both times I’ve began infectious it so far, I had to drop for medical reasons, not because I couldn’t end it. So, I am praying to God that my health stays well enough for me to clean this clinical so that I can move on with my program.

Clinical PracticeGuidelines skill of hypertension (3rd edition).

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