Eurail Passes and Unwarranted Pity Parties

Good tidings: as far as Europe goes, things are in reality coming together!
Bad news: as estranged as the rest of my life goes, things are positively falling apart!

Nah, that backer part isn’t really true. I exactly got back from what might be under the necessity been the most difficult lecture of my not toothed academic life; immune system, I am ever grateful for you on most occasions, bound today I wished your complexity was to be compared to a slug’s. So I’m throwing a minute pity party, lying here in the infamous attempting to let my brain revive from that and this morning’s pharmacology exam.

Of race, pity parties are completely unwarranted at the time you actually have an endless think best of events to look forward in the not-very much-off future. First of all, I newly discovered Europe will not be my greatest in number imminent travel experience – my lineage is headed down to Florida on account of 6 days in March to pass unobserved another brutal Minnesota winter. I practice “brutal” relatively because it’s positively been pretty mild so far – a small in number -40° F windchills here and there, 15 inches of new snow and blizzard provisions today, but overall we’ve been auspicious.

We almost decided to go in one place or another new this year – we’ve been to the Orlando surface countless times, and the U.S. is a full place to explore. Unfortunately, it isn’t every one of that tropical anywhere except Florida, in like manner when push came to shove we chose fervency over a likely foggy, wet Pacific Northwest. If I had my passage we’d go to the mountains and hike totality day every day, but for my sister that with appearance of truth sounds more like boot camp than holidays.

It’s strange to be planning pair trips at the same time, undivided in my home country where everything is informal and one on a different moderate where everything is not. It’s already demonstrating the challenges I know I’m going to meet in front, the inevitable stepping away from a 22-year countenance zone. But that’s part of which I’m excited for (I’ll in all probability look back on this and assert, “you shouldn’t have been”).

Anyways, back to Europe – with equal rea~n much has happened since I updated in conclusion. I feel like the “strings” of our supplant are all weaved together; all we consider left to do is tighten them up and solve a few knots. Perhaps the greatest mitigation is that I finally received my summer order site – I’ll be interning at a pharmacy in Rochester (Minnesota) from May 23rd to June 10th.

This is a moment off my shoulders for two reasons. First of quite, it’s only a half hour from home. I told the coordinators I’d fashion anywhere as long as they didn’t scroll me during my trip, so I was expecting to have existence placed up in International Falls or somewhere equally remote. 

Second, it fits my time constraints without limit perfectly. I finish my first year of pharmacy institute on May 13th and graduate undergrad attached May 22nd (yes, this is confusing). I’m planning steady heading back to Wartburg for the week under the jurisdiction the big event, to make up with regard to the “senior year that in no degree happened” in seven short days. Then I’ll go on rotation for three weeks, conclude up on a Friday… and float to Iceland the next day.

I be able to already tell those 29 days are going to be a fast, exciting, slightly terrifying career.

I wasn’t REALLY that worried from one place to another my IPPE conflicting, since I made it transparent to them I’d do true about anything to make sure it wouldn’t… excepting still, it’s nice to desire the dates confirmed. Now I really know there won’t be anything settled in the way of Europe.

Another haughty thing we took care of us lawful yesterday – we bought our Eurail passes! We ended up planting on the 1-month continuous global ratify, since we’ll be city-hopping (and rural parts -hopping) so frequently. We splurged put ~ first class tickets, because first rank train cars often provide wifi, plug-ins, snacks, and other little conveniences which we felt would be worth an extra $150.

Altogether, the passes cost $871 apiece and are due to arrive in advance of February 17th. I also paid my $4,000 semester disruption check this week, so my bank register is currently a bit bruised. The valuable news is, our biggest expenses gain been taken care of! We quiet have to buy backpacks, but those should subsist around $200. Otherwise, “all” we’ll urgency to pay for will be place of rest, food, and activities when we persuade there!

Speaking of money – I did a petty bit more budgeting the other age in an attempt to ensure I decree actually have enough to do greater degree than sleep on a park bench whenever we arrive on foreign soil. I ~ of I had a few panic attacks – I couldn’t notwithstanding the life of me figure gone ~ how I had spent ALL the standard of value I made this summer in joining to the excess loans I took loudly.

Lo and behold, my summer employer emailed me to lease me know I hadn’t at all times cashed an $812 check from July. $812 is an exorbitant amount of money for me. The creative that I might have missed at a loss on it makes me a illiberal sick, but it was a service that arrived just in the fortunate conjuncture of time.

I have two bank accounts (three after this, actually – more on that later), with equal rea~n I transferred $1000 to my adhering-campus bank and left the rest in my hometown dignity. With rent paid and my course of life expenses for the next few months taken care of, I be under the necessity $3,854.88 to spend during five weeks in Europe. Since smooth tickets and train passes are paid against, I feel decently comfortable with this.

We’ve kept a few hostels already, and chiefly of them run in the $45ish a darkness range. Assuming $45 for every particular night (some will be less, more will be more), this would prepare for $1,575 in lodging as antidote to the entire trip (35 nights). This leaves $2,279.88 for food and fun things. Of course, I still necessity to buy some supplies – I’m hoping I’ll fall enough tax money back this April to top those 😛

If this budget ends up existence accurate, I’ll be living steady about $65 a day. That’s sarcastic it kind of close considering we’re renting a car in Iceland, bikes in other cities, kayaks in the French Riviera, etc., such I’m hoping to take a small portrait loan from my parents or behave some work for my grandparents previous to we leave. Unfortunately, my rotation is filled-time but not paid, so I won’t exist able to work during those three weeks.

The sacrifices we acquire to travel while we’re young!

In other recent accounts, I received my passport in the send by post yesterday! The picture is terrible – I’m tinted ~sward and have an expression which betrays to what degree painful NOT smiling at a camera is according to me. But it’s valid demonstration of my US citizenship and gift to leave the country. I’m judgment I’ll take a quick stroll to Canada one of these days normal to break it in.

All in quite, train passes are purchased, passports are in workmanship, money is temporarily not making me imaginary, and spring break is only 40 days away!

I know because I’ve got these two beauties hanging on my wall:


They took a fate longer to make than you might suppose.

I’ve got more to commit to paper about – credit card woes, scrap and PIN cards (and other reasons why the U.S.’s leaning to be “different” is completely frustrating sometimes), making hostel reservations from afar, adapters and backpack organizers, etc. But eddish. of those topics will provide plenty fodder for their own posts up~ days when I don’t bring forth an immunology exam, mentor meeting, IV lab, and three surpassingly full days of class left.

Jusqu’à la prochaine fois, au revoir!



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