Ex-RUSADA Chief Wanted To Expose Russian Doping

Monday 22, Feb 2016

Ex-RUSADA Chief Wanted To Expose Russian Doping

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Ten weeks previous to his unexpected death, the former form a ~ of Russia’s anti-doping action (RUSADA) approached a Sunday Times journalist. Nikita Kamaev offered to thump the whistle on the secret expansion of performance enhancing drugs by his geographical division.

Sunday Times sportswriter David Walsh, who is well-known as being his covering of doping by cycling acknowledged chief Lance Armstrong, reported that Kamaev wrote to him in November and offered to divulge information on doping covering the be unconsumed three decades.

Walsh revealed that Kamaev wanted him to have existence his co-author but the work plans did not proceed further. The Sunday Times journalist added he was not desirous to work with Kamaev because of his flimsy English and former role overseeing the unsalable article testing agency at a time while the government of Russia gained greater degree influence over drug testing.

The 52-year-sagacious Kamaev told the journalist he wanted to compose a book to expose the replete extent of doping in Russia. In at dawn December, Kamaev sent an e-mailed matter to the journalist that he wanted to scribble a book about the true story of jollity pharmacology and doping in Russia inasmuch as 1987 while being a young scientist laboring in secret lab in USSR Institute of Sports Medicine. In November, a record for WADA disclosed the existence of a secondary Moscow laboratory in addition to the laboratory accredited ~ dint of. the WADA. The WADA report concluded that role of the supporter laboratory was to cover up that which would otherwise be positive drug tests.

In the wake of the report, the head of a Russian anti-doping laboratory, Grigoriy Rodchenkov, humble a day after a report through WADA accused Russia of widespread cheating in games of strength. Rodchenkov had earlier said allegations close up to Russia had been compiled by idiots though Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko termed conclusions of the fame “baseless” and “really fictional”.

Kamaev furthermore wrote in the email that he had the complaint and facts that have never been published. Kamaev wrote in not the same e-mail sent on December 4 that his physical archive contains actual documents, including not to be communicated sources, regarding the development of entertainment-enhancing drugs and medicine in joke, correspondence with the anti-doping community, ministry of sports, IOC (International Olympic Committee), NOC (National Olympic Committee), WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), personally and in addition.

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The former RUSADA chief made his before anything else approach to the journalist on Nov 21. Kamaev died from a seat of affection attack on February 14 after he had blameless returned from cross-country skiing conclusion to Moscow.

Ramil Khabriyev, former whole director of RUSADA and a preceding friend of Kamaev said Kamaev’s widow did not guess foul play. Khabriyev added he does not acquire any suspicions. Khabriev told Tass Agency of Russia that Nikita Kamaev planned a book but later decided to abandon the essence as too much influence over its filling up was demanded by an “American publisher”.

Kamaev was the assistant former head of RUSADA to die this February in imitation of Vyacheslav Sinev, whom he replaced in 2011 to the degree that executive director and who had a story of heart problems, died on February 3.

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