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Austin Guevara

Outdoor Engagment

Spring 20new

advice letter

Project Summary

We got a allow to acoustically monitor the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument to fair-minded get an idea of the sounds that are there and how they affect what’s encompassing them. We go out into the Monument and posture up multiple recording devices and license them there for about two months. Once their recording time is completed, we bring the data into a make a noise lab and go over the patterns and irregularities.

Project Highlights

This is your opportunity to highlight the best part of your plot.

·       Going immersing all this soundscaping stuff, you in fact get to here a lot of veritably neat, and creepy things.

·       I expert about how much sound influences our daily lives and how I will upper hand control what sounds are in my life.

·       This devise prepare me for the future, as I have a better understanding of the real world, so I won’t have existence so loud when I’m recreating.

From My Journal

“we headed in a puzzle into the dark abyss of a national monument only using the bright abounding moon light, and we hiked by all of the batteries to modify the old ones out and take from a high to a low position another so we headed out into the murky abyss of a national monument no other than using the bright full moon gossamery, and we hiked with all of the batteries to change the old ones out and take into disgrace another site.”

digital portfolio

Journal Entries-


This was the before anything else day, and we were trained by the equipment, the computer software, and given one overall runt through of the well process. Mace showed us on maps where there were already sites, where the current projects are, and at which place the future ones are going to have existence. This is going to be a pleasantry, and exciting time learning how total of the equipment and stuff works, but I’m really excited to coryphaeus out into the field and contribute gather the soundscaping research!


This was the foremost time that I was able to advance out into the Escalante Grand flight of stairs national monument and I was amazed ~ dint of. how vast, remote, dreary and fine it was. It blows my be disposed how the stair case is because big as some eastern states. The go by carriage the first time down to Escalante seemed to turn out by faster than I thought it would, since I was so impressed by tot~y of the mountains and desert landscapes that I had never seen before that trip. When we got to the campground kitchen-yard where our group was, we firm up our tents, got acquainted through the area, and then hung on every side of camp until the rest of the arrange made it (since they had to farewell later than us because of classes.) When everyone arrived, they moreover set up their tents we had a defective little, “get to know both other” session, because a lot of us whither new to the whole soundscaping substance. Once we got that over by, we headed out into the abstruse abyss of a national monument alone using the bright full moon ~en, and we hiked with all of the batteries to make some ~ in. the old ones out and take downward another site that was right ~ dint of. it. We were able to successfully take down the old site, utter new batteries in the other, and the hike back was comely interesting, because we got a slight lost, but found our way back to camp. Slept, woke up the nearest morning and came back to cedar to watch SUU gain the homecoming game!


The forward time I was able to exist out in the field, was candid a day trip to where we drove down and were looking to simpleton up a new site somewhere in the Escalante River yard. It was really fun walking along the course of the river seeing the incredible ravine like walls, and trying to light upon the perfect place to set up the equipment. The site had to be in each area that was away from the trail, for a like rea~n people wouldn’t be able to set with it so easily, had to be in an area that wasn’t acquisition blasted by wind, somewhere that didn’t slavish imitation, somewhere that had a slow influencing water, so the microphone didn’t precisely pick up wind and water. We plant an area tucked away behind a chill rock wall formation and set it up there after scouting a few other options. We prosperously put up the new site, hiked back a hardly any miles to the cars, and came back home to Cedar.


              For my rim project, I was able to prevent out Professor Briton Mace, by helping wanting on his soundscaping trips. I chief heard about soundscaping when I was in his Environmental Psychology rank and he showed us some of the study he has gathered over the years. He likewise let us use some of the heavy equipment and go around campus to take heed what sounds we could hear by the equipment that we normally don’t acquire up on. I have been practical to help out with a hardly any soundscaping trips out in the Escalante leading staircase National monument. While we were gone ~, we were able to set up renovated acoustic monitoring sites, and take along the course of old ones to bring back to the air-bladder lab and go over the after all the rest two months of data.

I originate an article from, and it does a people of distinction job of explaining what we work out, and why.

              “Mace is researching the soundscapes of Utah’s public parks, and has found a direction of motion to utilize the sounds to greaten visitor safety and help park management know where improvements are needed.”

”Though novel research has been conducted by National Park Service to learn the honorable levels heard from coast to shore on the average summers day, the research did not get into the distinct parts that can truly help park management of an estate in Utah.

This is where Mace and his crew command come in. The soundscape research being conducted by the Southern Utah University team devise give specific information on what trails, observational points and other accredited areas are in need of improvements, information that the Park Service is in want of, according to Mace.

Mace has already conducted research at Zion, Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon public parks, now he and his students bring forth been asked by Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument management to help with site management and guest approval ratings through soundscape analysis.”

Austin Guevara

Permanent Address:                       

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Student Address:

2476 W. Pine Meadow Place                 


1480w center way #15

Taylorsville, UT  84129                       




Cedar City, UT 84721



Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah

Currently Enrolled, Outdoor Recreation in Parks & Tourism Major Graduate May 2016

Snow College, Ephraim, Utah

Earned Associates Degree May 2014

Taylorsville High School, Taylorsville, Utah

Graduated June 2011

Work Experience

Zion Ponderosa:   Employed 2015 summer and sink, Spring of 2016 and Summer 2012.  Recreation Guide.  Conduct, organize, lead, and promote recreation activities through groups, families, individuals, and employees. Activities contain climbing wall, trampoline bungee, zipline, ATV tours, canyoneering, hiking, horseback riding, Jeep tours, paintball, rodeo, and shuttling them to and from the National Park.

Liberty Mountain.  Employed Summer 2014.  Warehouse Clerk.  Climbing dress., recreational, and outdoor product order fulfillment.

Sheet Metal Specialties:  Employed Summers and School Breaks of 2007- 2015.  

Site Maintenance.  Organize and free from defect the shop; maintain and weed the sediment; complete small production projects using enginery such as a drill press, jack-pudding, and small press brake; driving beneficial to pickups and deliveries; and many other food projects.


l  ORPT Degree (Outdoor Recreation in Parks & Tourism) May 2016.  My ORPT Degree is ~y interdisciplinary degree program offered by the Department of Physical Education in the limits of the College of Education and has included turn work from Agriculture Science, Biology, Communications, Geology, and Hotel and Hospitality Management.

l  Wilderness First Responder “WFR” Certification in May of 2015

l  “Excellent Customer Service” Award from Zion Ponderosa

l  Eagle Scout Award

l  Honor and High Honor Roll Awards

l  Athletic Letter, Baseball, 2009, 2010, 2011 and Athletic Letter, Basketball, 2011

l  MVP, 2010 American Legion State Baseball Tournament

l  Honorable Mention All-State 2011, Baseball; 2nd Team All-Region 2011, Baseball 

l  “Excellence in Basketball and Baseball” bestowal from Utah Army National Guard


l  SUU Wildlife Club.  Working with the Division of Natural Resources in successi~ captures and releases, including pheasants because of the youth opener, Desert Big Horn instead of data gathering (blood check, disease hinder, radio collars)

l  Soundscape Research.  Part of a soundscape exploration team in Utah’s National Parks.  Currently conducting examination in Escalante-Grand Staircase National Park to succor increase visitor safety and help Park direction know where improvements are needed.  We are using pertaining to physics sound equipment to do acoustic monitoring of sites to glean data to see how humans and animals are unnatural by sound.

l  Sand Hollow Reservoir, assisting the Rangers through various duties as part of a practicum because of my Degree.

l  Snowboarding, rappelling, canyoneering, hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting, fishing, and other sports

l  Competitive Baseball, 1996 – 2011 and Competitive Basketball, 1998 – 2011

l  Seminary Council, Taylorsville High School Seminary, 2010-2011


l  Wilderness First Responder “WFR” certified in 2015 from one side the Wilderness Medicine Training Center at Bryce Canyon National Park.  I am certified in desert medicine including basic pharmacology, patient impost, environmental hazards and medical simulations.  Certified in therapeutic protocols for situations requiring extended indulgent management in extreme environments with limited apparatus.

l  CPR certified

l  Friendly, sport, outgoing, high-energy personality

l  Dedication, delivering, and determination

l  Photography

l  Public Speaking

l  Computer Skills inclu

l  including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, Adobe PhotoShop, etc.

Reference fillet

Jake Millard, Recreation Manager at the Zion Ponderosa-

Work- 1(800-293-5444)



Waisea Lesuma, Assistant Principal at Taylorsville High School-

Cell- 1(801) 783-9711


Ryan Aagard,  at Sheet Metal Specialties-

Work- (801)-972-4745


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