Foundations block and test

By week 3 of class, we’ve covered the basics and desire even been tested on them before the undergrads take even started!

We blitzed through more physiology, histology, pathology, microbiology, immunology, genetics, structural form and pharmacology within the first two weeks, and had our test today – I reason I went okay.

Overall, I’m to a great extent enjoying the pracs the most – for a like rea~n far we’ve learnt some basics adhering history taking, taking blood pressure and more microbiology lab techniques. In one of the kindred pressure pracs, I was assigned to take a prescribed portion of caffeine and nicotine – my continued on the nicotine was not delightful at all.

I’ve had to make some ~ in. my learning style in order to support up with the onslaught of rate content. Rather than making summary notes similar to I would in biomed, I am very lately writing or copying down some questions and answering them in successi~ Anki flashcards.

I’ve also reach to really enjoy my time surface of studies – there’s not so much pressure to perform well. It’s while though the concept of work-life weighing has subconsciously been embraced upon initiation into med school – they needn’t have bestowed it upon us during the conclusion week.

In other news, I’ve lately picked up an interest in snorkelling to the degree that a hobby. Not only that, on the other hand I’m also keen on changing my role from watch assist volunteer at RMH to a melody therapy volunteer! Was thinking of teaming up with my friend on keyboard and jamming exhausted live music at the entrance – that’d have ~ing amazing. In order to do that nevertheless, first I’ll need to upgrade from my Baby Taylor – I was reasoning of upgrading to an acoustic/charged with ~ity GS mini… Thoughts?

Obligate operate-life balance shot; happy birthday Jerome:



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