Impaired by prescripts, liquor or otherwise makes NO difference

Dear Abby: What are the dangers of driving under which circumstances on strong painkillers? Since codeine is a controlled soul that you have to sign in opposition to to receive the prescription, does it enervate distance vision and reaction time? – ay and you can get arrested in quest of driving that way. Impaired is impaired whether it’s custom, illegal drugs or liquor

My elderly dad says as long as he has taken the pill the night before, it’s all right with respect to him to drive. He takes round 12 different medications every day and the annoy medicine must stay in his system at all times to work effectively.

Are other drivers in venture when he drives under the control of prescription drugs? Can he subsist arrested if he hits someone? – ay and yes

His car is already dented because he hit something. It would subsist a shame for him to produce some innocent driver who encounters him forward the highway to be crippled or die. What confer you think? — Medicated

Dear Medicated: I am not an expert in pharmacology. – you don’t be favored with to be. Just use your brain cells

I indicate you compile a list of wholly the drugs your father is pique, both prescription drugs and the from beginning to end-the-counter variety. Take the elect to his pharmacist and ask these questions. He or she be possible to give you the answers you indigence because some drugs can interact by each other.

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