Independence Day Weekend

We had unified exams last Sunday so we didn’t veritably get a true weekend last week.  But this week we be obliged a 3 day weekend for Grenada Independence Day.  I went to Timbers adhering Friday night for Rahul’s birthday.

Rahul bday.jpg

Timbers is in the boatyard and you be able to see a lot of the yachters hopping in their dinghies by groceries and going out into the bay to their sailboats.  You can see the dingies and sailboats in the background in the representation above.

This long weekend is giving me a fall out to catch up.  Term 5 is each interesting term because you have 4 menstrual flux and you have to study with a view to the Step 1 USMLE exam.  But sole one of the 4 courses, Pharmacology, seems to take a hazard of work.  For the Step 1 USMLE exam, I am deplorable to watch 285 hours of Kaplan videos, movement through the First Aid book, and transact 2,400 questions in the UWorld investigation bank (in between my normal operate).  The good news is the chide gives us a curve in Term 5.  The scurvy news is that the other kids that made it to Term 5 with me are extremely tough competition for a like rea~n it is not like getting a bend. at George Mason University where the class average in my organic chemistry rank would be in the 40s.

However, this place does not necessarily mean you should throw in the towel or stand stationary and do nothing until things blast over.

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