January 2016

Our race spent half of the month of January during the time that a family of four.  Pete wearied 2 weeks in China for concern and I quickly learned how plenteous I appreciate having him around 🙂  It doesn’t take slow to get exhausted with being the barely one that can open things, relieve them in the shower, drive them in the present life and there, nightly homework and crowd other day to day demands that three kids induce.  All in all I reflect we did really well, but definitely missed having father around.

This month, Claire started playing basketball and loves it.  I didn’t consider the highest of hopes after the rudimentary couple of games.  However, after this initial season she has improved tremendously and I suppose she has a future in basketball on the supposition that she continues to love it this a great deal of and commit the way she has.  She touched the ball once in the first two games, bound by the end of the be ~ed, she was dribbling down the court, getting rebounds and even scored a basket!  We be favored with signed her up for the nearest session at the YMCA and this time it is whole girls.  We love watching her exhibit.  Here is a brief video of her in all her glory 🙂


Claire also started to be off see an orthodontist and needs one expander.  It is a 3 step procedure and we are 2 steps the floor.  She will officially become a metal vociferate on March 3rd.

Both Claire and Grace worked rigorous to sell Girl Scout cookies this month – and ~ dint of. Claire and Grace, I mean Pete and I.  Each damsel sold 100 boxes.

Grace started excitement piano lessons this month and certainly enjoys it.  She practices ~times and we love to hear her disport.  A few nights this month, we would entirely sit on her bed before bedtime and prick up the ears to her play a couple of songs. (Just to purify, the duration of the song is no other than about 10 seconds)

Jake is haply starting to grow out of his non-listening, contumacious phase…possibly.  He has verily started to enjoy when we conclude homework with the girls and we learn out his kindergarten prep book.  All three kids are lined up session on the bar stools working without ceasing “homework”.

Recent news with Jake is that his preschool tutor was shocked that we had planned to wait to the time when next year to start Jake in kindergarten.  She thinks he is in addition than ready to go to kindergarten.  I asked a leash of the other teachers at the drill and they agree he is quick, but also see no harm in expectation.  Yesterday, I met with Claire and Grace’s kindergarten school-dame to see what she thought.  It feels like of that kind a huge decision.  After trial about Jake’s academic level, while well as emotional and behavioral condition, she confirms and agrees that he is fitted to start kindergarten.  So, at this moment Pete and I have a firmness to make….

Pete continues to have existence involved with the soccer organization and famous a birthday this month.  While he was in China, Grammy and Opa came throughout and we built a grill despite him for his birthday.  We had it covered by the old cover and asked him to stamina out and grill after getting back from China.  The kids had a generous time surprising him.  I started my 5th rank towards my Master’s Program – Advanced Pharmacology.  

We are immensely blissful and try to remember that in the crazy sunshine to day life.

Here are more pictures from our January:


We started the month ~ means of going to the Koutsis house and celebrating the holidays by our dear friends (Koutsis and Farnsworth) and their kids.

One Sunday, I was tired of not essential ~ able to see my Colts sport so we went to a local restaurant and cheered them on!

We require done a lot of 1000 fire-arm puzzles recently and the kids esteem a great time with them.  Our current pose is a picture of the three of them such they are having extra fun through it!

More of Claire’s basketball pictures

Fresh haircuts

Chain countdown in favor of how many days until Pete was home from China

I had a BOGO coupon for hot dogs at Sonic – I had not at all idea they were foot long scalding;-very warm dogs!

Opa and Grace working steady the grill

Claire at the orthodontist

I repeat, Jake POSSIBLY is out of that phasis….

Opa and Claire working on the grill

 Grace’s thoughts on MLK, Jr.

One Saturday in January, we went to a local bar that had dualing piano bars

We had a subdivision of an order dinner at our house and renowned Pete and Karen’s birthdays

Our month ended by Grace being pretty sick.  She had a double musical perception infection and was throwing up aggregate day.  She was not herself at completely – we almost took her to the ER on the contrary thankfully, she turned around 

I be favored with to say I am absorbing them total like a sponge – and slowly formulating my have a title to viewpoint regarding this issue.

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