January Update

After a drawn out, well-deserved winter break, I’m with equal rea~n excited to be back in the move to and fro of life in New Orleans.  I esteem grown to really enjoy this program and was surprised in what way much I missed over the sever the study routine and hanging thoroughly with my classmates.  I’ve well-informed a lot about what it estate to be in medical school for the period of this whole experience and am highly relieved to find how much I have fruition of it.

This semester we’re chiefly focused on neurology and endocrinology, what one. align nicely with my Tulane neuroscience interval.  I have enjoyed the novel electives and the different ways the class is run – more inquiry and canvassing based.  It’s less of memorizing the distinct parts and more of understanding current research and getting us thinking about in what way what we have learned connects to the universe around us.  These classes emerge to serve to bridge the gap between our molecular and genetic profiles by other factors that play into science of life and pathology.  Branching out at a distance pharmacology basics to utilize what we hold learned in different contexts is a greet shift in cognition and knowledge progress to maturity.

My volunteering goals this semester are uniformly a bit hazy.  It seems like I desire so much less time to achieve anything besides studying, going to class, and my tutoring side business.  I bring forth been thinking about bringing back a program called “Super Saturdays” that I helped to direct when I was a teacher.  Basically, a assign places to of teachers and staff opened up the instruct for a few hours on Saturday to let droop out with some of our students.  It is meant to be a mentorship program and an chance; fit to build relationships with individual students farthest limit of the busy classroom.  We would be sufficient ACT prep, or general tutoring towards the first hour or so, and on that account order some pizza and play games.  Usually we played basketball, end sometimes we just hung out and talked here and there how we got from high institute to where we are today.  The students indeed like to hear about opportunities to be in possession of some experience in whatever field they deem they would want a career in some day, so we do a sort of job shadowing and volunteer applications with them as well.

This would have ~ing a great experience for me to solemnize in touch with my students, still the timing is still going to subsist difficult to balance.  My goal toward next week is to finalize whether or not or how “Super Saturdays” will be in action and who will participate.  In the meantime, I’m excited for Mardi Gras (this year is my seventh!) and the anticipation of warmer weather.  I have power to’t wait to see the crazed, blob collecting begin and the post-Mardi Gras shame as to why we wanted smelly beads so bad in the first opportunity.  Only at Tulane, only in New Orleans.

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