Medical traditions for the 21st century is focus of weekend conference at UCLA

This month the Center during the term of Medieval and Renaissance Studies at UCLA devise host a weekend conference focusing ~ward the traditional knowledge of the therapeutic uses of plants. Co-organized ~ dint of. Alain Touwaide, this conference will attend together specialists from various disciplines involved in the study of curative traditions and will foster cross-disciplinary studies between medicine and the humanities.

The weekend talk will begin on Saturday, February 27 through a keynote lecture by Alain Touwaide titled, “Medical Traditions: Knowledge in the Making”. This inclination be followed by sessions about therapeutical plants, herbals, culture and medicine. The colloquy concludes on Sunday, February 28.

A quick of planned presentations follows.

Conference Highlights:

Aspirin in Antiquity? Or Principles and Practices of Retrospective Pharmacognosy

Medicine Box and Dining Table: Uses of Exotic Plants in Ancient Greece and Rome

Medicinal Plants from Monastery Medicine since the 21st Century

Tracing Drug Trajectories in the Early Modern Netherlands: Evidence from Newspaper Advertisements

The De la Cruz-Badiano Manuscript of 1552: America’s First Herbal in the 21st Century

More than Chemistry: Cultural Contexts in quest of Healing and Well-being for First Peoples of Northwestern North America

Ayurveda Pharmacology: An ancient paradigm, modern relevance

The Chinese Botanico-Medical Tradition

Imperialism, Modern Pharmacology and Traditional Medicine: Rudolf Kobert (1854-1918) and the Pharmakologisches Institut in Dorpat

Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Ancient Treasure against the World Beyond Artemisinin

Future appeal of Traditional Medical Knowledge intrinsically linked to Conservation of Culture and Biodiversity in Geographical Origins of Wild Medicinal Plants: The subject of discussion of Nanwuweizi from the Giant Panda Habitat

For talk details and to register, go to Medical Traditions instead of the 21st Century.

This event whether or not free and open to the national. Registration is required.
Seating is limited.

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