On The Horizon

It’s that time anew. Less than a week until exams, followed through exams, and then exams. And, naturally, Valentine’s Day falls on the subject of the weekend preceding all of it, fair in case anyone had not at the same time been dissuaded from a world of delight.

Honestly, I’m just trying to fulfil my mind clean. It’s a daily struggle meow. It was easier in times past, but distance does tend to bring into being the heart grow fonder. Okay, it’s certainly just lust. It’s way easier to objectify folks when you hardly ever talk to them.

Anyway, pharmacology and pathology and foundations of clinical drug. All will be tested soon. I accept a much better grip on everything than I did forward the last exam, partially due to the certainty that I don’t have a devoid of warmth this time.

Uhhh…. that’s entirely maybe…

Vicodin can lead towards unwanted furniture which include drowsiness, weak breathing, weakness, unusual fatigue, vomiting, decreased appetite, and costiveness.

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