These Gifts 

(sent to me ~ dint of. Cynthia Craig with love) 

Are proving inestimable to my well being and pleasure.

The Herbalist 

Lani Courtney is the miscarry of Taking Root.

“In 2002, I attended guild to pursue a science heavy pre-med give chase to, and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Biology and dual minors in Chemistry and Art.   However, following my undergraduate I mould myself less inclined towards continuing development in hospitals, and more drawn to collecting plants in the woods.  I was enthralled ~ dint of. the pharmacology of whole plants and their sexual commerce with our physiology.”  “Eager to blow up my knowledge, I attended a 3 year clinical herbalism program at the Vermont Center in the place of Integrative Herbalism (VCIH). Here I had the fortuity to learn about herbal medicine from the two traditional experience backed with current scientific research, as well as through toil with my own clients under the supervision of registered expert in herbs in an integrated community clinic.”

 Taking Root was Born 

All ingredients are organically grown and ethically uncivilized harvested from either my own garden or respectable companies known for their high medicinal quality.

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