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The University of Cambridge popularly has a free trial access to Science of Synthesis until 31 March.

From the SoS website:

Science of Synthesis helps you win up to speed on a chosen theatre of war of research quickly and complete the design of your synthetic military science.

It is your online synthetic methodology tool since the most reliable chemical transformations to be availed of! SOS is the ONLY resource providing replete-text reviews of organic and organometallic transformations like well as experimental procedures.

Written ~ the agency of chemists for chemists, SOS provides able recommendations from over 1,750 contributors in the manner that well as unique insights into the space and limitations of synthetic methods.

Furthermore the Houben-Weyl peace is available as a back toothed.

It would be great if you could give notice to your users about the availability. As well to the degree that chemistry several other departments will also benefit, such as medicine, biochemistry, materials information, pharmacology, chemical engineering.

To access Science of Synthesis

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