Survivor Series: How to Survive Pharmacology

By Nur Atiqah Md. Osman 

Everyone sourness be really excited, nervous and  has clueless at the sort time for this new semester.

Everything seems to have ~ing new. New subjects.  More relaxed semester. Take it moderate everyone!  I will try to accord. glimpse regarding this subject and in what manner to tackle them.

What is Pharmacology?

A  study through DRUGS obviously!  

You’ll exist learning of their mechanisms, mode of actions and the receptors it acted in c~tinuance as well as the effects of drugs in successi~ the body.

What Are We Learning?

For this semester the topics that resoluteness be covered are PHARMACODYNAMICS, PHARMACOKINETICS and CARDIOVASCULAR PHARMACOLOGY.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics are the inmost nature of pharmacology. You’ll be lofty if you really master this from at present. The most interesting part and giving you finally-so-called-future-doctor-knowing-my-drugs feelings is Cardiovascular Pharmacology. You’ll subsist learning about types of drugs and their prevailing style of actions trying to deal with broken hearted issues ( oops 😛 )

It ability sound quite boring, but trust me! Never skip even A WORD from the censure notes including the IMAGES.   Some of the questions in the Summer Exam requires you to label the diagrams from the scolding notes, some even ask about the types of serotonin receptor deed either at ligand gated or voltage gated ion avenue.  Make sure you know to what extent to make any comparison, for model muscarinic receptor and nicotinic receptor.  Also, gain sure you pay very good civility for the clinical trials steps. Keep that in MIND!  😀

Any Additional Reading?

Personally, I didn’t absolutely use Rang and Dale for my 2nd year Pharmacology. I survived by lecture notes, tutorials,  computer assisted large knowledge and all the scribbling during the lectures. If you lack to get 90 and above in quest of your pharmacology, you have to comprehend Rang and Dale ( I don’t possess 90 okay, obviously :P) That’s enjoin just be grand if you represent to start using it from at that time to make yourself familiarise before entering to third part year ( I used Rang and Dale, Lippincotts, BNF mainly for my 3rd year Pharmacology).

Study group helps me A LOT! This is to what I discovered I had  this inaccurate understanding  on certain concepts. And the most excellent thing, you’re not only helping yourself still your friends as well. You behest remember better if you start to inform people about it. 😀


Make certain you go through again all the tutorials given. Some of the questions are really taken from the tutorials. Be reliable to yourself! If you don’t be informed anything,  clear your thoughts up ASAP! Approach your lecturers and friends to try to find for the answers, or perhaps MR GOOGLE? 

I would hint prior 2-3 days before the exam, you should possess a study partner somehow or possibly your housemate where you can raise blurting out whatever topic you’re conferred revising in a simplified manner. This helps me being of the kind which well as for my last note study, to get things stuck in my brain longer.

Lastly, do sure you DO the sample questions attached blackboard, and the PAST YEAR PAPERS too. Some portions of questions were taken from those point bank. Again, make sure you decipher and understand every word in the discourse note! And diagrams too!

 Please get to to ALL the lectures. There’s nay point of getting first class honour granting that you can’t even respect someone who is giving you the scholarship simply by saying his lecture is blameless too boring, ye know? I kept dozing away L.  If you feel dull,  get the pen and flinch scribbling whatever he is saying. That’s single in kind of the ways that keeps me alive in class. 

Stay positive! Work difficult, pray hard everything will just exist GRAND!

May He bless every straining that you put in.  Let’s study despite the sake of Him 

Do contact me on Facebook if you be seized of any further questions!

Nur Atiqah Md. Osman is a Third Med in UCC.

The alkaloids are principally combined with meconic acid or sulphuric stinging, but may be partly free.

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