Take-home messages from the practical examinations

(This was supposed to be posted way back in December, bound I ended up being too lumpish to complete the article, so hither.)

We just finished our practical exams a copulate days back, and through the year, I’ve eminent some peculiarities in each subject that keep to have some weird, deep expressiveness somewhere and somehow, and I slip on’t really know how. So in the present life goes.

1. Till further, closer note, everything’s just a collection of rose-color and purple and everything looks the sort. Some slides are so pretty, you’ll longing to make them your desktop sift savers. ‘Eosinophilic aggregates’ is a real unspecific description for the untrained organ of sight, simply because there’s pink everywhere, and we’re unable to conclude which one is actually the eosinophic-staining yard of the tissue! Other nightmare fuelling language include- hyaline, interlacing, and so forward.
2. In the gross section, more organs are so mangled up and bashed ~ the agency of disease, that they’re simply above recognition sometimes. We had this model of Osteoclastoma of the end of a diffuse bone, which seemed to resemble a divide section of a teratoma of a testis by reason of some reason! I narrowly escaped from committing this blunder.


You’re a completely raw student of Medicine, and you wonder how the hell you’re going to remember the doses of drugs (especially anti-microbials) as far as concerns writing those countless prescriptions. You horsemanship somehow… when you understand that eddish. drug is given at a measure dose for its efficacy and sway.


1. You wonder how you’re going to complete tot~y those certificates within the specified time- a absolute seven minutes. Injury, potency, consent, departure, what not…
2. Sometimes, X-rays mystify a threat. The point is to adjust the age of the person who’s X-beam is placed in front of you. It is for the most part of a limb or a united. Some ossification centers appear fuzzy and unclear, and you be possible to’t really tell if they’ve appeared, fused, or one as well as the other!


Yup, my favorite subject this year. But in that place’s always a catch.
1. Focusing the slides- especially in a state of being liable to oil-immersion field. You’re worried from one place to another actually breaking the slide while bringing it to point of convergence in the 100x field! The objective lens is stronger than you fancy, and the coverlip as well in the same manner with the 2-3 mm thick move smoothly both might end up broken. You’ve to worry especially grant that you get the Gabbet stain according to Tuberculosis bacilli.
2. Gram staining. Everyone knows that the step involving decolorizing the move smoothly with Acetone alcohol determines half your marks. If ANYTHING teaches you the concern of accuracy in timing, it is this highly step. You leave it for too long, you’ll decolorize the gram express organisms, making them appear gram-negative. Keep it with a view to lesser than usual, and you’ll extremity up with gram-negative bacteria seemly gram-positive! Time is of the inmost nature. 😉

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