Ⓜ️Initially developed in the same manner with an inhalational anesthetic, but withdrawn what is ~ to concerns about nephrotoxicity and hepatotoxicity. 

Ⓜ️In contemplate of its analgesic properties it is at this time used, mainly in Australia and New Zealand, to bargain short-term analgesia for painful procedures and in the prehospital setting (Grindlay and Babl, 2009). 

Ⓜ️Administration is by way of a dedicated single-use inhaler dispensing 0.2–0.4% methoxyflurane. 

Ⓜ️The limited data on efficacy suggest that methoxyflurane administered as a single dose as described higher than provides effective analgesia resulting in great patient satisfaction with no evidence of toxicity (Grindlay and Babl, 2009). 

Ⓜ️There is not at all good evidence regarding the safety of repeated doses, as being example, for analgesia during daily putting in order changes.


Acute Pain Management; A Practical Guide, Pamela E. Macintyre , Stephan A. Schug, 4/e

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