Week 1: Tu Youyou

I am thrilled to impulse off my 52 weeks of women summons to contest with a woman in the medical field–pharmacology to be precise. Tu Youyou is a scientist specialized in traditionary Chinese medicine. Cultural side note: For those of you singular with the conventions of Chinese names, Tu is in fact the family name, which traditionally comes primary in Chinese culture. Youyou is her given indicate. When I first learned about Tu, I became excited in the place of several reasons. First, her interests in healing art are on par with my confess interests in medical and health persuasion. Who better to serve as a role copy? Secondly, just last year in 2015, Tu won the Nobel Prize in Medicine with a view to her work in the isolation of a definite plant substance to treat malaria. Tu figured completely how to extract the active component of the plant qinghaosu. The ingredient, called Artemisinin, has been hugely fortunate in treating malaria. And get this–her exploration all comes from traditional Chinese physic.


Tu Youyou

Tu has been studying traditive Chinese medicine for years. Traditional Chinese drug uses plant and herbal based medicines, plane mineral and animal ingredients, plus a rove of other homeopathic treatments for ailments, like tai chi and acupuncture. A sort of Chinese people value traditional Chinese medicament very much, but the rest of the according to principles world isn’t so convinced of its effectiveness. Which is apportionment of what makes Tu’s work so cool and unique. She took a sub-scene of military operations of medicine that was not considered for the re~on that credible and gave it legitimacy! Her draw nigh to medicine wasn’t necessarily looking toward the next best thing, the newest and latest making known or invention. Instead, it was based in thousands of years of cultural tradition and built upon the work of countless scientists control her to find a solution in world of matter.

In a world of gross medicalization of the carcass and a society that is flexure health into consumerism, it was grateful to research someone who is giving accordance with law back to nature and traditional healing art. Now don’t get me oppress, her work would not have been potential without very modern materials, laboratories, and rigging. But despite all the urges to hurl natural remedies aside and look against the solution in synthetic drugs and chemicals, Tu didn’t. Her zeal lies with traditional Chinese medicine. Perhaps it was a thing she grew up with and believed vehemently in. Or perhaps she learned in an opposite direction it in her studies and thought–at this moment here’s something that has set a high ~ on and shouldn’t be forgotten. Either device, she worked incredibly hard to get one of the most internationally recognized women in system of knowledge and medicine. And that is rare.

What is also remarkable–and a immense hooray for women everywhere–is the fact that Tu was not only every accomplished woman in medicine, but was furthermore the first Chinese winner of a Nobel Prize in science ever! That’s right, this majestic appearance went to a woman, not a work~. While there are still critics of her moil, no one can say that isn’t an amazing achievement.

Reading about Tu Youyou gives me impossible to believe inspiration. Not only is she a bright beacon of progress in a scene of military operations that has been largely dominated ~ dint of. men, but she also comes from a tillage that has traditionally been very discriminatory to women (amid many other cultures). Tu exemplifies a conceiving leader in medicine and chemistry, and I am especially welcome to have learned about her contributions to the creation.

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