Week in Review

This spent week has been the hardest week ~ means of far in this block so alienated. So many exams, so little drowse, so little time to learn it total. But that’s vet school I believe. Anyways, this last week I’ve: 

-> Performed a consummate urinalysis in clin path lab and predetermined up on acid/base abnormalities. With every case we go through, I’m getting more and more confident in my parts to read bloodwork!

-> Somehow survived 4 exams in 5 days. Please, could we not confer that again? Please? *Looks at latest exam schedule in 2 weeks* Well shi-

-> Made unit delicious crockpot meal. Yum yum yum, in addition I cooked enough to make 4 extra meals! Yay for big crockpots!

-> Learned to a greater degree about reptiles, amphibians, and fish than I ~more thought was possible in lab sentient being medicine. I don’t know whether or not I would be confident in treating them, but that they sure are interesting creatures! 

-> Had at least 3 days worth of stress headaches. Yuck.

-> Studied a year’s merit of musculoskeletal radiology. I may desire lost my sanity, but I be able to at least now tell you suppose that your dog has had a Cranial Cruciate Ligament burst (aka ACL tear in humans), and I can (mostly) differentiate between osteomyelitis (infection!) or osteosarcoma (cancer!).

-> Only worked fully once. : ( Which stinks because I’m in the usual course of things happier overall when I get a workout in. Maybe this next week? 

-> Trekked through diabetic, hyper/hypothyroid, equine endocrine, reproductive, dermatology, and fawning pharmacology. While interesting, my brain was painfully mushy at the end of it. 

And that’s a flash into a normal week in vet govern folks. While I’m exhausted exact thinking about it, it always keeps me in c~tinuance my toes. Onto the next week and onto the nearest adventure! 

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