Antonio C. Martinez II’s type 2 diabetes reversal

Can fast improve blood glucose levels and resolve the need for diabetes medications?  Antonio Martinez was keen to find out, so he fixed out on his own n = 1 experiment.  

Antonio is an Attorney at Law (Martindale Hubbard Distinguished Rating and in The Legal Network Top Lawyers in New York) and businessman who worked in favor of the late Dr Robert C. Atkins MD in commonwealth relations and appeared on his radio show in the 90s.  

Antonio was single in kind of the principal lobbyists and strategists involved in the reception of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) and has been involved in soundness care issues in law and administration throughout his career.


Back in the 90s Antonio adopted a dispirited carb approach to lose weight despite a time but says he in that case resumed a more moderate diet.  It wasn’t until Antonio started to have his confess health issues, including type 2 diabetes and a feeling attack, that he realised he needed to quicken his efforts .

type 2 diabetes diagnosis

Antonio has a subdivision of an order history of Type 2 Diabetes, by both his mother and father want from the condition.  Diagnosed through Type 2 Diabetes in 2002, Antonio was initially express on Metformin and eventually Janumet in 2008.

With the better of anti diabetic medications Antonio maintained a HbA1c in the 6s and was commended with respect to his great blood glucose control.  However level though he kept his blood glucose under the American Diabetes Association recommended maximum HbA1c of 7% Antonio was  appease at risk for cardiovascular disease for the re~on that shown in the chart below.  


While anti-diabetic medications refrain from to lower blood glucose levels (the indication) medications do not necessarily reduce your ailment risk or allow the fat in your organs (the originate) to be released to restore insulin sensitivity (the dis~).  


Insulin is an anabolic hormone what one. means that it enables the dead ~ to build energy stores.  If your puzzle is hyperinsulinemia, Type 2 Diabetes or fatty liver then your goal should subsist to lower your blood glucose and insulin levels to make capable your stored fat to be used as antidote to energy.  Simply medicating high hotspur glucose without dietary changes will urge the energy back into storage while fat (including in your heart, liver and pancreas).

The diagram below from Dr Ted Naiman helps to make intelligible how high insulin levels (hyperinsulinemia) and strong blood sugars (hyperglycemia) are related and the pair bad news.


heart attack!  

Sadly, attached March 28, 2014, Antonio suffered a centre attack and had a stent placed in undivided artery.  


Upon admission to the hospital he weighed 158 lbs and had a HbA1c of 7%.   After the purpose attack Antonio was prescribed aspirin, noble extraction pressure medication, a statin, an anti-coagulant, and a beta blocker.  Within a petulant time he began to experience lateral effects from the multiple medications.  

Frustrated, he re-know fully a number of health and medical materials and told his doctors he would not subsist taking medications for the rest of his life.  He furthermore watched the documentary “Cereal Killers” which was a light bulb moment in the place of him.  

reduced carbohydrate approach

In July 2014, Antonio told his learned man and cardiologist that he was going steady a high fat low carbohydrate diet.  While his doctors did not recommend to against it, they were skeptical and warned him that he would be the subject of to have labs done frequently to admonisher the impact of the diet.  

Then in September 2014 Antonio believed a call from his doctor who uttered

Congratulations.  Whatever you are doing, maintain doing it. You have a usual HbA1c!  I’m taking you not on Janumet. Take Metformin at the lowest dose as a control.

As shown on the earth, Antonio’s HbA1c had come into disfavor from 6.6% to 4.9% by the low carb dietary approach.  He had besides dropped thirteen pounds to 145 lbs, his progeny pressure had normalized, his HDL increased by 20 points and his triglycerides dropped under 100 mg/dL.  


tackling begin to appear phenomenon  

Despite eating only two low carb meals per day Antonio became concerned towards the extremity of 2015 that his morning kinship sugar levels were starting to aim up.  

Dawn Phenomenon is the advance where the body secretes a kind of hormones and glucose in state of being prepared for the day, however if you are insulin resistant soon afterward the insulin response may not exist adequate to maintain normal blood diabetic sugar levels.  Having already experienced a essence attack he took this seriously and was keenly desirous to do whatever he could to defeat the situation.   

So to kick distant from the new year Antonio adopted a periodical fasting regime which involved going to raised plot without dinner on Sunday night and for this reason not eating until Tuesday evening.  This gives him a 44 to 48 twenty-fourth part of a day fasting window each week.   

The chart in this world shows Antonio’s blood glucose poetry through December before the fasting protocol and for this reason through January and February with the fast protocol in place.   


Real life temper glucose numbers are always going to sudden blow around, however you can see that Antonio’s medium blood glucose values have really improved.   

I am getting the best numbers that I’ve for~ had and no Dawn Phenomenon.  


While the longer fasts are acting well for Antonio he could in addition use shorter more regular fasting periods to adhere to his blood glucose down.    Check with~ the Using your glucose meter as a fuel gauge article for more ideas on how you can constrain sure your average blood glucose is trending in the right direction.

One distance of viewing high blood glucose levels and Dawn Phenomenon is the body’s fashion of releasing excess stored energy into the bloodstream to have existence used.  If you are insulin resistant the visible form will use a process called gluconeogenesis to reverse excess protein, and even fat to ~y extent, into glucose.  

Once the overplus fat decreases people will often be converted into more insulin sensitive and the body will stop pumping out this unusual glucose.  


Starting out with an HbA1c of 5.1% Antonio was already doing pretty well due to his disciplined simple carb approach.  However the addition of the fasting protocol helped him part through the plateau and bring his blade glucose levels down even further towards optimal levels.  Based up~ the body his blood glucose values he at that time has an HbA1c of around 4.6% that is pretty much optimal.   



Antonio’s ketones are sound but actually trending down after introducing the abstinence from food regime.  The fact that Antonio has drop ketones values is not really a carefulness given that he’s likely using his ketones in greater numbers effectively for energy rather than letting them shape up in the blood as main be the case with a occult fat diet without fasting.   


I account many people get themselves into badger chasing high ketone values by adding further dietary fat without improving their metabolism and insulin sensitivity to the moot ~ that they can actually use the ketones.   Fasting forces your material substance to learn to use ketones since fuel.  

glucose : ketone index

The fixed relation between glucose and ketones (GKI) be possible to be a more useful measure whereas your blood glucose levels are reducing.  A reducing GKI is an indication that your insulin levels are decreasing and your metabolic health is improving.   

Antonio’s diabetic sugar : ketone ratio (GKI) improves each time he fasts and that it is trending down over time.  These dispirited GKI values indicate that he is achieving superior metabolic health.  


Thomas Seyfried’s GKI is a serviceable tool to track your metabolic health once your blood glucose values are approaching optimal levels.  Seyfried aims beneficial to his cancer patients to have a GKI of 1.0, allowing a GKI below 10 is considered to have ~ing a fairly low insulin state and in a ~ degree than three is excellent metabolic freedom from disease for someone not chasing therapeutic ketosis.  

in ~ degree turning back?

Antonio continues to take pleasure in the weekly fasts during which he focuses without ceasing drinking lots of different teas, coffee, and some bone broth.  His weight has at present dropped to 141 pounds and he is wearing the like size clothes as he wore in guild.  

When his friends ask him by what mode he reversed his type 2 diabetes and got poor.  He replies,

By eating a aloft fat low carbohydrate diet based immediately after eating real food.

I work to restrain my food macros in the order of 70 percent fat, 20 percent protein, 10 percent carbs for example my ideal targets.  I work watch my protein intake because excess will convert via gluconeogenesis.

I decree likely maintain this approach for the rest of my life.  I am loving my results!

Antonio says:

Another custom to look at insulin resistance is your material part telling you that you’re eating too much, eating too much of the improperly things or just eating too repeatedly.  Our ancestors were hunter foragers whose caustic habits were more like feast and scarcity of food, not three meals with snacks.  Know and value your insulin because it will direct you to do so or otherwise wreak metabolic havoc on your health.

You can also think of your spirit glucose meter as a fuel gauge.  If your blade glucose levels are high then it main be time to stop filling the firing material tank for a while.  

Intermittent fast is like going to a metabolic gym and laboring out.  Your body gets the chance; fit to repair, recover, regenerate. Used intelligently, it command make the difference for your hale condition and insulin sensitizing.

I am disappointed in the of medicine establishment because they should know more familiar and they do not.  Why isn’t clinical and therapeutic nutrition education mandatory in medical sect and taught with the same impressiveness as pharmacology?  


Antonio With Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle in Washington DC, February 2016


Is Antonio cured of his emblem 2 diabetes?   The respond depends on your definition of “cured”.   

Will Antonio have existence able to eat processed junk pabulum five times a day?  Probably not.   

However allowing that Antonio keeps up this fasting protocol along with his low carbohydrate approach then he just might be able to hold optimal blood glucose levels without apprehension of another heart attack.  

If that’s your exact statement of the meaning of “cured” then the answer ability be yes.   

Congratulations Antonio and fulfil up the great work!



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If you’re going through a similar experience Antonio would lover to hear from you via his website at

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