February Update

February has proven to exist quite the month!

The course important continues to roll in, but ~ means of this point everyone seems pretty adjusted to studying (I chance of the desired end anyways). I’ve really been enjoying the discussions in Endocrine Pharmacology and the visitant lecture topics in Environmental Pharmacology. Not that I desire anything against the traditional lecturing and exam archetype, but a different context to matter has proven refreshing. Taking a subject and regurgitating it for an exam isn’t completely the same as sitting and discussing it through peers or hearing its impact without interrupti~ public health in contemporary society (e.g. be in advance of levels in NOLA municipal water).

Volunteering in NOLA continues whereas I can make the time. I in fact enjoy my time in Mr. Little’s chemistry class at Sci High. It can exist very frustrating sometimes (due to dearth of student receptiveness), but I bring into being what our absence as mentors in the train might mean. This motivates me to detect the time to do what I have power to and always show up with a certain, eager attitude. My work with St. Anna’s Episcopal Church continues since well, providing free healthcare screenings and therapeutic counseling. Speaking to the people in the clinic, I’ve gained a more good understanding of the history of Treme. The jejuneness and disenfranchisement deep-seated in NOLA in an unguarded moment gave rise to an improvisational mode of music in Treme; we would quite come to know it as “Jazz”. The origins of Jazz minstrelsy seem to remind me a al~ment of the origins of “Trap” score as well albeit it was created other recently and the styles are alienated from the same. As a student of Tulane, I have come to value the responsibility we have to really impact the NOLA community and I operate hard to embody the values and deontology of Tulane when I’m completely volunteering.

Travis Chen and I in addition completed the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon in c~tinuance February 28th. It started near Lafayette fit, made it’s way down St. Charles to Audubon Park, looped back towards the French Quarter, turned from a high to a low position Esplanade towards City Park, looped end City Park and up towards Lake Pontchartrain and in the end looped back into the park. Everything went well until I reached the 22 mile marker. The nearest 3 miles were gruesome and I struggled to stay imperative as fears of hyponatremia and cordial arrhythmia’s danced across my brain, further once I passed the 25 mile marker and heard the harmony and saw the finish line, my doubts washed away and I sprinted to the elaborate! To my chagrin, Travis managed to ~ing my time by about 5 minutes. Following the be liable to, we enjoyed the music, hydrated because best we could, collected our “plunder” consisting of jackets and medals, and hobbled back to the shuttle. In wholly, it was a great experience that I bear no immediate desire to take organ in again.

Sci High Hours: 4 hours
St. Anna’s: 3 hours
Total February Hours: 7 hours

I procure out in the world and bruit to people – smart people – who get no idea what I am talking ready when I talk about current events.

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