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I’ve certainly pestered you concerning including visuals in your grants in foregoing blogs, but I recently gathered more fodder, so I bring it back one time again. A year ago, I heard common of our faculty members who was a pro~ed time NIH reviewer say he had not at all seen a grant funded that did not comprehend a visual in the Specific Aims. This floored me and I began sharing this biographical incident in all of our seminars. Some argued that they had seen grants funded free from visuals, but still to have single in kind long-time reviewer make such a intoxicating statement about visuals? I was sold!

Given my benefaction-visual evangelizing tendency, I was extremely excited to get more information on why these visuals in grant applications are influential a couple weeks ago. Dr. Bob Murphy, Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology forward our Anschutz Medical Campus, gave a converse at our seminar on the NIH Review Process. Dr. Murphy described for what reason those assigned as primary, secondary, and tertiary reviewers up~ a grant application are usually the and nothing else folks who will read the overture. When a proposal is discussed in a study part meeting, those assigned to a proposition present the proposal and their go over again to the entire group.  At this time, the definite aims pop up on a computer cover for the rest of the reviewers. As a reminder, everything reviewers submit scores for each present application, and most have not practise ~ing the applications themselves before they are asked to note them.

Dr. Murphy stressed that when a grant is being discussed that has not been assigned to you during the time that a reviewer, you’re trying to hearken to the presentations of those to whom it was assigned. Although you esteem the specific aims pulled up steady a computer, you really don’t be seized of the time to read prose. You in place depend on the assigned reviewers to reduce to law it. However, although you can’t appear in ~ing prose, you can look at a optical that has been strategically placed in the precise aims (you knew this was approach).

If a clear visual helps your reviewer to be informed your project and make sense of the presentation/review of your colleague, they’re greater amount of apt to realize the true brilliance of the purpose and score it accordingly.

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