Happy Mardi Gras!!

February has tend hitherward and gone and now we are revving up conducive to the shelf exam! Ahh, I fustiness start studying more! This month went ~ dint of. incredibly quickly, likely because of the greeting distraction that is Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I enjoyed showing going to parades through my classmates and exposing them to Mardi Gras with a view to the first time. I also had the suitable to attend the Bacchus ball through some of my friends.

During February we focused forward the endocrine/reproductive and psychiatry blocks. I positively enjoyed the endocrine/reproductive block to the degree that I am interested in becoming some OB/GYN. As a female who grew up in Louisiana, I handle many women here are not well-educated with regards to safe sex practices, origin control options, and their reproductive rights. We are generally in the psychiatry block and, inasmuch as I do not have a important background in it, I find it the one and the other challenging and rewarding to learn on the eve.

While I was worried about the “flipped” classroom title of our Endocrine Pharmacology course, it has rapidly become one of our more attractive electives this semester. I have enjoyed divers of the guided meditation videos. Additionally, it has been refreshing to learn more about my classmates, including their stressors and to what extent they respond to stress. The line of progress is a welcome addition to my Friday afternoons.

With remembrances to volunteering, I have not been going viewed like much as I would like for the cause that I have been picking up greater amount of weekend night shifts at the hospital. In March, I intend to pass more time at UMC.

Finally, it is unheard of to realize that this is our greatest block before the shelf exam. The of the healing art pharmacology course has been one of my preferred courses throughout the entire program and I am sorrowful to see it end.

February volunteering 2 hours:
Total semester: 3.5 hours

Included in this are diarrhea, squeamishness, indigestion and abdominal disquiet.

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